7th March 2010

Dirty Sweet – American Spiritual

After an impressive début from 2007, San Diego based rockers Dirty Sweet are ready with the important second album. Entitled American Spiritual the album is a very logical continuation of their first album, inspired by […]
1st March 2010

Brant Bjork – Gods & Goddesses

With Kyuss, Brant Bjork put the stoner rock on the map and after four albums for the legendary band it was time for him to move on. He did so by joining Fu Manchu with […]
25th January 2010

KAOS – The Pits Of Existence

Californian KAOS’ latest release is an ode 80’s and early 90’s thrash metal scene with influences ranging as far back as the pioneers of the genre, as well as the bands form so called second […]
22nd January 2010

The Intersphere – Interspheres >< Atmospheres

The beauty of exploring a ProgRock Records’ releases is not so much the fact that you are basically guarantied quality music, but rather the fact that you don’t know in what shape or form it […]
1st January 2010

(Sic)monic – Somnambulist

Imagine a kaleidoscope, a huge kaleidoscope with a bright specter of colors. Now imagine this kaleidoscope transforming into a sonic experience rather than visual one. This is perhaps a decent way to try to explain […]
25th November 2009

Paradise Lost (UK)

  Interview photo: Goran Kljutic www.urbanmescalero.com Live photo: Zoran www.sonic-view.com Paradise Lost is one of those bands that has written their name in the history of metal permanently. The band that together with My Dying […]
25th November 2009

Paradise Lost, 24th November 2009, The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Zoran www.sonic-view.com I guess if call yourself a metal fan, then you are familiar with Paradise Lost. The band that together with My Dying Bride and Anathema created the whole genre of Death/Doom Metal […]
4th November 2009

W.A.S.P., 3rd November 2009, Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden

Photo: Zoran www.sonic-view.com My first encounter with W.A.S.P. dates back to 1986 when I saw their Inside The Electric Circus LP displayed in the local record store and I thought that the guy with the […]
2nd November 2009

Therapy? – High Anxiety

Just like the Metal Mind Productions’ re-release of Therapy?’s Never Apologize, Never Explain, this re-release doesn’t offer any bonus material, extended artwork or any highly noticeable improvements in remastered sound. Booklet is printed on a […]
2nd November 2009

Therapy? – Never Apologize, Never Explain

Therapy?’s twelve album career is filled with interesting and unexpected twists and turns, both when it comes to music, success, creativity and balls. These Irishman’s career is have also been filled with ups and downs […]