Metal Revolution Magazine is no ordinary webzine. We review metal music and feed news stories about topical issues, primarily regarding new albums, upcoming tours, line-up changes or new projects. Metal Revolution is a non-for-profit fanzine, we don’t do this for the cash, we don’t do this because we have to, we do this because we love all sorts of metal and want to share our passion for this kind of music, it’s pretty much as simple as that. Bands, labels, distributions etc. should get in touch! We’re always on the hunt for some new metal to review.
Please don’t waste yours and my time by sending pop, rap, hip-hop, classic, RNB or whatever ’cause it won’t be included/reviewed
* Please don’t mail the editor with any metal news at all; it will end up as ‘spam’.
* Please don’t add the editor to any mailing list about your band, webzine, metal shop etc.
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When you send us CD’s please be sure they are in bubble envelopes or similar as we’ve received a lot of damaged CD’s lately.


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To conclude this mere glimpse of Metal Revolution’s history we would like to thank all of you who did their bit to make MR into what it is today:
Former crew-members, who’re too many to mention here, but you know who you are! Every band and label that supported us with news, promos and more. Every venue and festival that put up with our presence. And last, but in no way least: You, our readers, because without you Metal Revolution has no conceivable right to exist.

Your editor in charge considers himself to be a true metal maniac, since 1989. In 2009 he graduated at the University of Aalborg, having master degree in Politics & Administration (Cand. Scient. Adm.).
Favourite bands of all time: Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Iron Maiden, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Sepultura, Soulfly etc.

Former writer for Rock Express (ex-Yugoslavia) and for one of the biggest Danish metal webzines called Antenna (before known as Metal Reference). Beside working on this new project, Bato is also involved with some of the biggest metal promoting companies in Denmark. From March 2009 Bato is also employed as an assistant writer for Nocturne Magazine (Serbia/Balkans).

Biggest Metal moment of my life: Metallica live at Roskilde 2003, Slayer live at Roskilde 1995, Machine Head live at Roskilde 2000 and Iron Maiden live at Roskilde in 2000 & 2003 and again in 2006 at “Gigantium”, Aalborg as well as Aerosmith at Essex Park, Randers 2007 (Denmark). Of other major bands that I’ve seen I’ll mention Paradise Lost, Alice Cooper, Testament, Judas Priest, Kreator, Megadeth, KISS etc…

Metal-Revolution.com is always looking for new ways to offer the best to their visitors. Expect many news, reviews, interviews, live reviews and contests this year of all your favourite bands and the new stars in metal. The existence of Metal Revolution is secured for at least this (2015) year & this webzine will cover any artist or act that is somehow related to the metal scene, and this also means electronic music, ambient, nu-metal, grunge, alternative, punk as well as hard rock of the 1960s.

So, once again I call up on any metal fans, labels, web-fanzines, bands etc. interested in any form for co-operation to contact us. Also, any firm/band/webzine interested in any sort of advertisement on these pages are very welcome to contact us!

On the behalf of the Metal Revolution staff