23rd October 2018

VOLA – Applause of a Distant Crowd

The whole prog genre has always been characterized as a constantly evolving and vibrant. Past couple of decades in particular, have offered even more diversity to the genre whose overall narrative has always been, stepping […]
23rd October 2018

Disturbed – Evolution

Of course, it’s a marketing move, when you hype your new album as “Our ‘Black Album’”, but there is so much nonsense in such a statement even before actually hearing the album. Nevertheless, Disturbed chose […]
9th October 2018

Behemoth – I Loved You at Your Darkest

With their previous album, the 2014 opus The Satanist, Behemoth have created not only the highlight of their career, but at the same time showed the strength of broadening the horizons of the genre, whilst […]
9th October 2018

Brainstorm – Midnight Ghost

It often feels like power metal genre is the genre that has evolved least since its heyday in the 80’s. Sure, the likes of Ghost are taking the music and the whole concept in distinctive […]
28th September 2018

Riverside – Wasteland

Much has been said about sudden passing of Riverside’s founding member and guitarist Piotr Grudziński and for a while it seemed that the band, too, has come to an end. Fortunately, the band decided to […]
25th September 2018

Voivod – The Wake

Since forming in 1982 the Canadian bad quickly become a band that never really could be compared with anyone else out there. Their unique fusion of trash, progressive rock and punk was unlike anything else […]
24th September 2018

Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – Living The Dream

Back in 2010 Slash released an album that was basically his ode to different artists. The selftitled album turned out to be filled with songs written for (and in stile of) the endless line of […]
7th September 2018

Dream Child – Until Death Do We Meet Again

The other day we reviewed The Pineapple Thief’s new album Dissolution and one of the negative aspects of that review was band’s similarity with Porcupine Tree. Well, step away, The Pineapple Thief’s because if that […]
6th September 2018

Therapy? – Cleave

Therapy?’s previous album Disquiet came out in 2015, one year after the band embarked on tour celebrating 20-year anniversary of their landmark album Troublegum. The album was heavily influenced by Troublegum which did deprive it of some of its own […]
6th September 2018

The Pineapple Thief – Dissolution

It might not seem so, but The Pineapple Thief have been around for almost two decades and in course of that time the band has displayed constant evolving. If their previous release Your Wilderness signaled the band […]