6th January 2022

Cepheide – Les Échappèes

Cepheide is a French one-man band that I have had the pleasure of following nearly since its inception back in 2013 in Paris – I missed the debut Demo, but managed to get my hands […]
28th December 2021

Corpus Diavolis – Apocatastase

Corpus Diavolis is a French Black/Death Metal fusion who can trace their origins as far back as the year 2008 – Since their inception they have released a grand total of seven records, of which […]
20th December 2021

Adoperta Tenebris – Oblivion: the Forthcoming Ends

Adoperta Tenebris is a relatively discreet band, as far as the overall internet is concerned. From what I have been able to gleam so far, the following is of note: For one, we are dealing […]
7th December 2021

Coffin Creep – Voids

What happens when Autopsy, Corpsessed and Black Sabbath party together? You get a band going under the moniker of Coffin Creep, a Swedish trio created is different from most things in Swedish death metal. The […]
6th December 2021

Necronomicon – Invictus

Another one of the CDs I’ve received a while ago, but my duty is to write about all materials no matter of the release date. What we have here is the seventh album from a […]
26th November 2021

In Mourning – Bleeding Veil

In Mourning is a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band cut in the same vein (and nearly the same time period) as their kinsmen in bands such as In Flames, Opeth and Dark Tranquility despite having […]
24th November 2021

Sznur – Dom Człowieka

Sznur is a Polish Black Met trio, one that seems to have been quite the hard workers since their inception back in 2017 – In fact, so far they have nearly managed to release a […]
23rd November 2021

Omega Diatribe – Metanoia

Sometimes I just enjoy digging the gold from metal underground and listening to some of the older releases. Metanoia is one of these albums, although released just a year ago through Metal Scrap Records. It […]
18th November 2021

Wilczyca – DrakoNequissime

Wilczyca (Polish for ‘She-Wolf’) is a Black Metal duet, one that, despite their recent addition onto the Black Metal stage as a whole, is putting in a valiant effort to keep the heavily distorted and […]
15th November 2021

Helheim – WoduridaR

Helheim is definitely one of the more consistent and pleasurable perks for me when it comes to writing these for Metal Revolution. They are a stable and experienced Black Metal band deeply rooted in the […]
10th November 2021

Batushka – Царю небесный / Carju niebiesnyj

By now I would not be surprised if the rather confusing split that happened within the Polish Black Metal band Batushka is common knowledge throughout fans of the genre (as well as some only adjacent […]
9th November 2021

Svederna – Härd

Svederna is a Swedish Black Metal quartet – Specifically one that saw the light of day nine years ago, in the year 2012. Since then, the band has released a grand total of five releases, […]
9th November 2021

Druknroll – Freakingface

Druknroll is a Russian Melodic Progressive Thrash/Death Metal quartet. They have released their sixth full-length studio album entitled Freakingface via our friends at Metal Scrap Records. Sometimes I just like bands that stick to their […]
4th November 2021

Edellom – Sirens

Sirens is a debut full-length studio album by Israeli Blackened Dark/Doom/Gothic metal band Edellom. It’s been released almost two years ago via Metal Scrap Records’ sublabel Another Side Records, and it came as a follow-up […]
2nd November 2021

Shadow Rebels – On The Ride

One of these releases I never expected to get released on a metal label like Metal Scrap Records?! At least, it was one of my initial thoughts prior to listening to the record. After two […]
29th October 2021

Mastodon – Hushed and Grim

Since the release of their debut almost two decades ago it was clear that Mastodon is a band with massive potential, but unlike so many other bands the Atlanta quartet managed to meet their potential […]
22nd October 2021

Dream Theater – A View from the Top of the World

Despite several Dream Theater members’ side projects it does make so much sense that the band was rather productive during the pandemic, writing and recording their fifteenths album, which is out today some two and […]
20th September 2021

Brainstorm – Wall of Skulls

For a long time, Brainstorm have been one of the shining names in often static power metal genre and they have done that without ever really breaking outside the rather narrow frames of the genre. […]
14th September 2021

Resist & Bite – Resist & Bite

Guitarist Tommy Skeoch has been somewhat quiet ever since he and Tesla parted ways in 2006. Then last year his new band Resist & Bite its debut single “The Myth I’m Living” and it quickly […]
10th September 2021

Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

It’s actually quite funny to see that the Blaze Bayley-fronted era of the band, which was so scolded, in many ways still serves as inspiration and even backbone for Iron Maiden’s direction since Bruce Dickinson […]
9th September 2021

Leprous – Aphelion

Less than year ago since their previous album Leprous are ready with the follow up. Thanks to pandemic, perhaps? Regardless releasing album so quickly after a somewhat controversial and certainly fan-dividing release as Pitfalls. In […]
30th June 2021

Thy Catafalque – Vadak

Looking past black metal genre and its qualities, something exciting occurs when extreme metal (black, doom, death metal) artists venture into unrelated genres. Some artists such as Emptiness, Anathema and Manes have over the years […]
18th June 2021

Helloween – Helloween

Self-titled album by German power metal legends Helloween is perhaps the most anticipated metal release of 2021. And rightfully so. In order to understand the magnitude of this release we’ll start off by trying to […]
25th May 2021

Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia

Recording cover songs was for decades a rare occasion, but then with rise of digital music platforms and social media it seems that there isn’t a song out there that hasn’t been covered in just […]
25th May 2021

VOLA – Witness

Applause of a Distant Crowd, the sophomore release by Danish prog band VOLA was an impressive display of quality as well as clear direction, something their debut hinted, but didn’t live up to itself. Now […]