1st February 2011

Grey Waters – Below The Ever Setting Sun

Debut EP from Australian duo is a melancholic and dark affair that mixes metal with alternative rock and as such it’s a new ground for these gentlemen best known for their black metal bands, Woods […]
10th January 2011

Pain of Salvation – Scarsick

Every time the new Pain Of Salvation album comes out I feel like taking a day off from work in order to be able to listen to their album all day long. They are one of […]
2nd January 2011

Nazca Lines – Nazca Lines

Self titled EP from Seattle based Nazca Lines serves as a teaser for their forthcoming second album and judging from this three song EP there is something to look forward to. Building around East Cost […]
7th December 2010

(Sic)monic (USA)

Rising from Phoenix,Arizona, (Sic)monic is a very interesting band whose music combines elements of just about any genre, but never on cost of losing the focus of the songs or compromising the emotional aspect of […]
7th November 2010

The Man-Eating Tree – Harvest

Eleven months since their debut, the Finnish band consisting of people associated with Poisonblack, Sentenced, Reflexion, Embraze, and Fall Of The Leafe, are ready with their second album. This is exciting news, but taking into […]
1st November 2010

The Shadow Theory – Behind The Black Beil

After 5 albums in little over 5 years Devon Graves decided to take a break from DeadSoul Tribe and focus on other projects. When we met him back in 2008 he was talking about one […]
29th October 2010

Therapy? – We’re Here To The End

Twenty years into their carrier Therapy? have just released their first official live CD. And it was about time. Looking back at this band’s career the one thing that always stands out, the one thing that […]
11th October 2010

Coma – Excess

Excess is a first English speaking album form Polish band, Coma. Actually Excess is made of ten songs from their previous album Hipertrofia – rerecorded and translated to English. This feels like a bad idea […]
24th September 2010

Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man

Where were you 30 years ago? It’s hard to believe that Bad Religion have been around for three decades, but what’s even harder to comprehend is that over the years the band has remained influential, […]
17th September 2010

The Man-Eating Tree – Vine

The Man-Eating Tree is a project consisting of Poisonblack, Sentenced, Reflexion, Embraze, and Fall Of The Leafe members, but that is far from the most interesting fact about this band. Fortunately it’s their music that […]