1. Metal Revolution contributor’s agenda

This webzine contains reviews of events and releases, interviews with various people in the music industry from bands to promoters, columns about various metal things, and pictures of live events, personal user profiles, and much more. All of the content on the site is generated by volunteer contributors (and registered site members) who do what they do because they are passionate about metal, and about keeping the scene alive.

2. Contributor opinion

The opinion expressed by any of our contributors, in any of the content that they create, is not to be construed as the opinions of the publisher or the editorial team. Each contributor has a different style, and different approaches, persuasions, preferences, and so on that inform their writing. Contributor’s writing and opinions should never be taken as reflecting in any way, shape, or form the opinions of Metal Revolution as a whole.

3. We believe in the freedom of speech

Metal Revolution strongly believes that for music journalism to be any good, it must be honest. We therefore do not edit or moderate any content to remove references that could be construed as negative – regardless to whom it is targeted – unless content is abusive or disruptive, or that in some way goes against our general rules and beliefs.

4. We believe in the freedom of the music press

While Metal Revolution may from time to time have sponsors, supporters, partnerships, or other financial or intellectual input from promoters, labels, record companies, and others involved in the music industry, Metal Revolution will never ever allow those relationships to impact upon honest music journalism unless said journalism is disruptive or abusive, or it unfairly discredits (in some way) those with whom we have a good relationship.
Metal Revolution has good relationships with many people in the industry, not just in Denmark & Europe but also worldwide, and our contributors/journalists respect those relationships or they risk being kicked off our staff. We do not tolerate contributions to our site that are not respectful.
At the same time, we respect the rights of our contributors to be honest about what they think and feel. Never will we allow any advertisers, sponsors, or other sources of income or intellectual input to influence the outcomes of honest journalism at Metal Revolution – because then there wouldn’t be a reason for us to exist.

5. Some of our staff works in the music industry

There are members of our team who work in the metal music industry as publicists, promoters, label representatives, tour managers, and much more. These team members keep their work at Metal Revolution separate from work that they may or may not do elsewhere. The content on this site should not be construed to have been developed for or as a result of the work that they do in any other capacity.
If you have a serious issue with something that a team member did, and if you strongly believe that it was done because of that person’s standing in the industry, then don’t put your complaint in the forum! If you did do that, then it can cause your forum rights to be deleted! E-mail us instead – we’re more than happy to talk to you about anything like this.

6. Our take on censorship: we do not accept it!

Metal Revolution is created by, and for, the metal community. The publishers of Metal Revolution are themselves metal heads; but besides which they are against unnecessary and reactionary censorship. Metal Revolution understands that the metal community often uses language, imagery, lyrics, and other elements of the scene that most people would consider totally obscene. To metal fans, its part and parcel of the package and most of us dig it.
If the language or images on this site offend you, and you are not part of the metal community, go away. This site is not designed for you, so don’t complain to us. If the site offends you and you are a metal head, please let us know, especially if you find that it contravenes our general rules. Our team does get busy so occasionally something may get overlooked. Feel free to contact us.

On the behalf of Metal Revolution Editorial Team