1Q: Do we get paid?
A: Not a cent, we all do this out of our love of music. Bato (the owner) covers all costs out of his own pocket (hosting, domain, up-keep) and all staff contribute countless hours of their own time for free.
2Q: Can I work for the you?
A: Yes. Currently we have a select handful of staff members few more. If you'd love to become part of the team then contact us here.
3Q: I work for a label, will you review our releases?
A: The short answer is yes. If you're Metal/Rock/Punk, we're happy to be added to your promo list and receive material for review. Preferably as a hard copy CD, but all formats are more or less accepted.
4Q: Where is Metal Revolution located?
A: Denmark. The site is focused on metal the world over ranging from local Danish bands to the biggest international acts but the vast majority of staff are European. We try to cover as much local and independent Danish metal as we can while keeping up to date with what's happening internationally too.
5Q: Can you review my band's music?
A: If you think you fit the bill and want more info, the Contact us section is where you need to head.
6Q: How does your scoring system work for reviews?
A: Each reviewer has their own unique method of scoring. Links to how titles are scored can be found here.
7Q: Can you make a site/poster/CD cover/banner/shirt etc. for my band?
A: No. Metal Revolution does not offer this kind of service.You are, however welcome to contact SonicView Design Studio, who does all of our graphic stuff. They can help you.
8Q: Can I make an advertisement on the Metal Revolution?
A: Yes. All you have to do is to write to us on info@metal-revolution.com and we're sure we can agree on reasonable price and conditions for advertisement of your band/website/label. Read more about advertising here.
9Q: I have a question that isn't answered here. What can I do?
A: Contact us via CONTACT PAGE.