26th June 2018

Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned

Norwegian underground occult hard rockers Acârash have just released their debut full-length album entitled In Chaos Becrowned, but before we dwell a bit more into this 8-tracker album, let me introduce the band for you. […]
20th June 2018

EgoKills – Mellowhead

Finland might be known as the land of metal, often in connection to black, death metal and hard rock. Egokills are a bit different, as their sound can best be described as laid-back rock & […]
12th June 2018

SpiteFuel – Dreamworld Collapse

SpiteFuel is a Heavy Rock band from Heilbronn, Southern Germany. The quintet was founded in 2016 and now, after just one year’s time they are back with the successor to the highly acclaimed debut Second […]
28th May 2018

Odium – The Science Of Dying

The Science Of Dying is actually a three years old output by Hessen/German thrashers Odium. I don’t know how this release ended with me three years after its release, but here you go, better late […]
16th May 2018

Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising

Founded in 2007 Santa Cruz is a modern hard rock quartet from Finland. The band released their full-length 2013 debut Screaming For Adrenaline, and two years later they returned with their eponymous self-named second album. […]
9th May 2018

Stray Train – Blues from Hell (The Legend of the Courageous Five)

A band from the Balkans sounding American!? That is exactly what we have here – a Slovenian (Ljubljana) hard-hitting quintet. To be honest I never imagined that such a cool blues rock band could come […]
19th April 2018

Mos Generator – Shadowlands

Formed in 2000 in Port Orchard, Washington, Mos Generator is a result of a collaboration and friendship of three hard-rock stage veterans. The band have released five studio albums so far, and a live album. […]
10th April 2018

Neter – Inferus

Neter is a Spanish death metal quartet founded in 2004. In the beginning of their musical journey the band played a swedish style death metal, but through the years their sound evolved to a darker […]
4th April 2018

Sixgun Renegades – Sixgun Renegades

In recent years we’ve witnessed an emergence and blossoming of many sleaze bands coming out of Scandinavia, and far away from Sunset Strip. Sixgun Renegades is yet another Scandinavian entry to the genre. This hard […]
2nd April 2018

Fister – No Spirit Within

Here comes Fister; a Missouri-based doom merchants. No Spirit Within is their new 7-tracker full-length, recently released via French-based Listenable Records. This Midwestern outfit (comprised of drummer Kirk Gatterer, guitarist/vocalist Marcus Newstead, and Kenny Snarzyk […]