13th December 2018

Internal Suffering – Chaotic Matrix

Chaotic Matrix is official re-release of the second full-length album by the legendary Colombian most well-known death metal outfit, Internal Suffering. Infernal Suffering has four full-length albums in its discography and each drastically different from […]
27th November 2018

Slegest – Introvert

Slegest is a Norwegian band playing an addictive blend of black metal and classic heavy rock. Recently they unveiled their new album, entitled Introvert (a person who is predominantly interested in their own inner experiences). […]
15th November 2018

Aeternus – Heathen

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Aeternus are veteran dark metal act founded in 1993. They’ve continually been delivering ever since and Heathen is their long-awaited eight full-length. Heathen, which marks the band’s 25th anniversary, comes after […]
7th November 2018

Akhenaten – Golden Serpent God

Akhenaten, known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV, was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty who ruled for 17 years, but it is also the name of a two-man […]
5th November 2018

Drown My Day – The Ghost Tales

Founded in Cracow in 2006, Drown My Day has since been a part of ever growing Polish metal scene. But who are DMD really? It’s mainly a deathcore quintet that already has two EPs and […]
30th October 2018

Blood of the Sun – Blood’s Thicker Than Love

Blood of the Sun are a hard rock quintet from Texas. Their latest album/EP for Listenable Records, Blood’s Thicker Than Love has just been released. It features only six quite lengthy songs and it clocks […]
25th October 2018

Radio Haze – Mountains

I remember getting familiar with this band already in 2009 when they released their debut Vitamin R/Mycelium. Since two more full-length followed, namely 2010 The Growth and 2014 Momentum. A few years have passed and […]
23rd October 2018

Fervent Hate – Tales of Hate, Lust And Chaos

Tales of Hate, Lust And Chaos is the new album of Peruvian (!) death ‘n’ roll project called Fervent Hate. Tales of Hate, Lust And Chaos consists of 10 very strong tracks that show the […]
2nd October 2018

Wrathrone – Reflections of Torment

Wrathrone is a death metal band swarming from the gutters of Laitila, Finland. They’ve been around for 10 years now, and this year they strike hard with their sophomore album fittingly entitled Reflections Of Torment. […]
27th September 2018

Monster Truck – True Rockers

18 months since mighty Sittin’ Heavy came out, and Canadian ( from Hamilton, ON) rockers Monster Truck are already ready with a new album entitled True Rockers. The album consists of 11 tracks that are […]