2nd February 2017

High Spirits – Motivator

Motivator is the exhilarating new album by Chicago’s very own High Spirits. The release of this album is a celebration of High Roller Records’ 13th anniversary and the release of 500th record on this label. […]
1st February 2017

Sleepwalker / Fen – Call of Ashes II / Stone and Sea

Call of Ashes II / Stone and Sea is, as the name implies, a Split album between the Black Metal band Sleepwalker (The Call of Ashes II part), a band that I have had a […]
31st January 2017

Rance – Rance

Graceously made aware of this little gems existance by the drummer of said band (who also plays for Cepheide, another French Atmospheric Black Metal band whom I happen to be a fan of), who merely […]
31st January 2017

Kellermensch – Goliath

Kellermensch’s story is an peculiar one. Band drew quite an attention with their 2009 debut album, and instead of trying to ride that crucial wave and follow it quickly with another album the band did […]
27th January 2017

Kreator – Gods of Violence

More than four our years have passed since the release of Kreator’s previous album Phantom Antichrist and since then the band has taken the advantage of the critical and commercial perception of the album, by […]
26th January 2017

KforKill – The World is Broken

KforKill is a Danish Death Metal quintet, one that I have been told is very well-known and popular in the Metal underground of the Danish capital, which they also happen to call home (it is […]
25th January 2017

Need – Hegaiamas: a song for freedom

The fourth album from Greek progressive metal band Need sees them building noticeably further on their previous album Orvam:a song for home, which is the album where the band reached another level in their music […]
25th January 2017

Emptiness – Not For Music

I’ve always taken great joy in the fact that I’m able to enjoy almost any type of music, as long as it speaks to me on some level. But the fact is that I’ve never […]
25th January 2017

Sticky Boys – Calling The Devil

The French rock band with a silly name Sticky Boys are now back with their 3rd full-length album Calling The Devil. It comes as a follow-up to 2012 This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll and 2014’s […]
23rd January 2017

Gotthard – Silver

Every time Swiss (Lugano) hard rock gods from Gotthard release a new album I know what to expect; an album that will please me and bring this nostalgic feeling of the hard rock of the […]
16th January 2017

Mourning Dawn – Waste

What was true last year still stands today: I definitely have a fetish of some sort when it comes to French Black Metal bands. As such it came to no surprise to me when I […]
12th January 2017

Sepultura – Machine Messiah

The 20-year anniversary of Seputlura’s classic album Roots provoked even more demands about the reunion with Cavalera brothers. All this despite the facet that band’s former frontman Max Cavalera has left the band 20 years […]
12th January 2017

Rajalla – Diktaattori

Finnish Thrashers Rajalla decided to celebrate the end of last year by gifting the world with their first Full-length release. It was given the title Diktaattori (which, as the astute reader no doubt will notice, […]
9th January 2017

Pain Of Salvation – In the Passing Light of Day

It was actually on this day for 10 years ago that I did my first review for Metal Revolution and it was the review of Pain Of Salvation’s Scarsick. Fast forward 10 years and the […]
1st January 2017

Thyrane – Black Harmony

While there is absolutely nothing new in Black Harmony (it is, after all, a re-release of the bands first Demo which originally saw the light of day to decades ago) it is still a welcoming […]
9th July 2007

Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell

There are few bands who mange to stay releavant and interesting without drastically changing the formula to their music much. Couple of good examples would be Iron Maiden and The Ramones. Bad Religion is one […]
1st June 2007

Dream Theater – Systematic Chaos

Dream Theater is one of those bands that always deliver great albums and their debut for Roadrunner in no exception. Their ninth studio album is perhaps the one that brings least experimenting which is pity. […]
1st May 2007

Shakra – Infected

With almost tens years behind them, Swiss rockers Shakra are somewhat established name in the world of hard rock. Infected is their third album with Mark Fox who replaced Pete Wiedmer back in 2001. The […]
25th April 2007

Manes – How The World Came To An End

What a great feeling it is when you discover an amazing band. You have never heard of them before and then you get blown away. Soon you find yourself trying to find more from the […]
20th April 2007

W.A.S.P. – Dominator

Blackie Lawless has given up experimenting approximately ten year ago which is pity because some of the most memorable moments in W.A.S.P.’s quarter of a century long carrier were created when he dared to try […]
1st March 2007

Moonlight Agony – Silent Waters

The beautiful artwork on the front cover of the second album by Moonlight Agony was promising allot. Maybe little bit too much. Silent Waters sees the band continuing with their vision of heavy/prog metal which […]