24th March 2020

Ambush – Infidel

For over a decade now we’ve witnessed the rise of classically inspired rock and heavy bands, not only inspired by 70’s and 80’s era, but doing their best to replicate it and make it essential […]
24th March 2020

Myrkur – Folkesange

Shifting from pop to black metal and then giving that it a solid once over in order to deliver something really unique like Mareridt, Danish artist Myrkur has never been shy to take on a […]
24th March 2020

Costin Chioreanu & Sofia Sarri – Afterlife Romance

Afterlife Romance is a much-anticipated debut album from an unique collaboration project between two acclaimed artists, Romanian avant-garde devotee Costin Chioreanu and an unearthly Greek singer Sofia Sarri. Let me start immediately that we are […]
21st March 2020

Polaris – The Death Of Me

One of my good friends introduced me To the Metalcore Aussie band Polaris a few years ago after they released their album The Mortal Coil in 2017, and I fell in love with their sound. […]
21st March 2020

Creeping Flesh – Into The Meat Grinder

Into The Meat Grinder is a debut 10-tracker from a Swedish quintet Creeping Flesh. The band is formed in 2013 in the neighboring Gothenburg, and prior to the release of Into the Meat Grinder they […]
20th March 2020

Nekrosity – Void Gazer

Swedish death metal scene is as active and vibrant as always. Nekrosity is another hard-hitting horde coming from Uddevalla in Southern Sweden. The band, which consists of former members of Sadistic Grimness and Ill-Natured, was […]
18th March 2020

Meshiaak – Mask Of All Misery

Conspicuously while whole of Europe is wearing masks to prevent the COVID-19 virus, I’m sitting here in my sanctuary listening to Mask Of All Misery. It is the second album from an Australian band that […]
17th March 2020

Weightless World – The End Of The Beginning

Founded in 2011 Weightless World is a modern, progressive and melodic metal quintet from Jyväskylä, Finland. Due to some line-up changes they first startet recording their debut The End of the Beginning in 2018. The […]
14th March 2020

Left Hand Path – Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path is a progressive & extreme metal quintet from Romania, featuring members of former and current bands like Negura Bunget, Malpraxis, Marchosias and The Hourglass. Despite of the fact that this is only […]
9th March 2020

My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion

The Ghost of Orion, marks the longest between two My Dying Bride albums and it’s also their first album not to be released on Peaceville Records. In the five years since the release of Feel […]
9th March 2020

Giuseppe Zaupa – (Re)birth

Guitarist Giuseppe Zaupa from Italy is a pure genius, let’s just leave it at that. For those of our readers that hasn’t heard of him before, well listen, just listen. You will NOT be disappointed! […]
9th March 2020

Conception – State of Deception

Their Facebook page says it, YouTube channels are screamin´ it, the whole Scandinavian music lovers has been craving it… Conception are BACK! Personally, this is an album I have been looking forward to for a […]
9th March 2020

Age of Fire – Shades of Shadow

The album starts off with a great intro of pure guitar and I think to myself… hmmm… this could be interesting… Unfortunately, the album doesn’t hold the standard of that first into. I have to […]
6th March 2020

Body Count – Carnivore

Back in 1992 when Body Count released their debut, co-founding member Ice-T was already an established rap artist, so the move into heavy and hardcore music was somewhat of a radical move, which raised almost […]
3rd March 2020

Gloomy Grim – Obscure Metamorphosis

Gloomy Grim is a Finnish Symphonic Black Metal band, most likely one of the first of its kind considering that it was created in 1995. Since then and up to their, sadly, untimely pause that […]
8th October 2019

Lacuna Coil – Black Anima

Two decades since the release of their debut album, Lacuna Coil have established them selves as an act that of an international format and solid dose of commercial success. After few years where they seriously […]
26th September 2019

Alice Cooper & Black Stone Cherry, 25th September 2019, Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Goran Kljutic www.urbanmescalero.com It’s somewhat odd situation when the band is booked to play a venue that is clearly too big for them. The flexibility of Copenhagen’s Royal Arena is impressive, but even closing […]
16th September 2019

Tom Keifer – Rise

It was more than three decades ago that some of us got to hear Night Songs, the debut by Cinderella, which elevated them to the stardom, basically off the bat. The band was riding the […]
30th August 2019

Tool – Fear Inoculum

The previous Tool album came out 13 years ago and while that fact shouldn’t have any effect on expectations for the new album, it’s worth mentioning that that’s before world knew of smart phones. Chew […]
11th August 2019

King Diamond, 10th August 2019, K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Goran Kljutic www.urbanmescalero.com It has been quiet when it comes to new music from King Diamond and not just the band, but King Diamond the man himself. But now there seems to be happening […]
2nd August 2019

Volbeat – Rewind, Replay, Rebound

Back in 2005 Volbeat released a debut album that was not only a unique piece of work, but also carried all the trademarks of a young hungry band who were acing to unleash their creativity […]
17th July 2019

Enemy Inside – Phoenix

Enemy Inside is a band formed by current Mystic Prophecy guitarist Evan K, who teamed up with the German singer Nastassja Giulia in order to create a modern gothic inspired rock/metal outfit. Their debut album […]
12th July 2019

Superlynx – New Moon

Second album from Norwegian doom/psych trio Superlynx is fairly even affair, meaning that what you get in the opener is a very good representation of most material on New Moon. In general, that is, because […]
10th July 2019

Steel Prophet – The God Machine

Steel Prophet has always been bit of an overlooked band, who has released a long line of notable power metal records in late 90’s and early 00’s. Since then there were numerous breaks and some […]
1st July 2019

Chasing Shadows – Reflections

There is special kind of magic that occasionally arises from new bands who manage to create a debut album that is modern yet true to their inspiration, an album that bursts with that unspoiled youth […]