24th September 2018

Credic – Agora

Credic is a German Melodic Death Metal quintet which can trace their origins back to the (exact) mid-2000’s. Since their inception and up to the present day they have been fairly casual as far as […]
23rd September 2018

Nocratai – Tormento

Despite having officially split up almost a decade ago, Italian Industrial Black Metal trio Nocratai has nonetheless been somewhat active in the more recent times. For starters, they released a compilation album last year – […]
22nd September 2018

Flynotes – Child in the Woods

Flynotes is yet another band that I would never have stood a chance of coming across if it wasn’t for my thrice-blessed employment here at Metal Revolution. The Russian trio first banded together eight years […]
21st September 2018


Personally I like to (occasionally) boast that I enjoy a challenge, and I am certainly partial to band from certain areas (including Russia, France and Great Britain). Which is no doubt one of the reasons […]
18th September 2018

Utburd – The Horrors Untold

When it comes to gloom and powerful melancholy, very few can measure up to the Russians. This is true in poetry, but also very much so in regards to the slower, more distorted genres on […]
14th September 2018

In Tenebriz – Winternight Poetry

I might as well admit it, first instead of last: For numerous reasons, I am what could be called partial as far as this album is considered. Not because I know the musician personally or […]
12th September 2018

Symphony of Symbols – Historiociticism

Symphony of Symbols is a Hungarian six-piece, one that could celebrate its twentieth anniversary last year, having seemingly spent the majority of their early years honing their craft and perfecting their own sound – Which, […]
11th September 2018

Thron – Abysmal

Thron is a German Black Metal quintet that was formed three years ago this year. In that relatively short time-span they have so far managed to release one self-titled Full-length release and announced the emergence […]
4th September 2018

Avast – Mother Culture

Avast is a rather unique creation – Even more so the more I delve into it. From what I have been able to gather so far, we are dealing with a Norwegian quartet that has […]
26th August 2018

Au-Dessus – Au-Dessus

Lithuanian Au-Dessus (who still confuses me a bit with their French name), was founded four years ago as as Post-Black Metal quartet and cemented their status as a worthy addition to the genre a year […]