23rd October 2018

Cavus – The New Era

Eleven years ago five Finnish musicians banded together to form a band, one hell-bent upon joining the already rising Second Wave Black Metal scene. They did so the following year by releasing their first EP, […]
20th October 2018

Helsótt – Slaves and Gods

Helsótt, despite the very Old Norse word (meaning ‘fatal illness’ in case any of you out there either are a fan of viking history or collect random trivia) is in actuality an American quintet, founded […]
19th October 2018

Satanath – Your Personal Copy

Satanath is quite a peculiar band, to say the least. First of all, both the name of the one-man band (Satanath) as well as the name of every single one of the twenty tracks present […]
16th October 2018

Riven – Hail to the King

Riven is a Belgian-based one-man band known for two other projects: Namely Svarthart (a Doom/Death Metal mix) and Verderf (Death Metal). Riven, his by default solo project, explores a darker, more powerfully down-trodden path than […]
3rd October 2018

Bâ’a / Verfallen / Hyrgal – Split Album

Forgive me for generalizing and being somewhat blunt when describing this upcoming Split Album – It is not because it is a particularly bad album, nor by any means generic – In fact, I quite […]
26th September 2018

Vcid – Jettatura

Vcid (alternative spelling for ’Void’, no doubt inspired by their interesting logo) is something as relatively rare and fresh as a Black N’ Roll act – That is to say, a band that specializes in […]
24th September 2018

Credic – Agora

Credic is a German Melodic Death Metal quintet which can trace their origins back to the (exact) mid-2000’s. Since their inception and up to the present day they have been fairly casual as far as […]
23rd September 2018

Nocratai – Tormento

Despite having officially split up almost a decade ago, Italian Industrial Black Metal trio Nocratai has nonetheless been somewhat active in the more recent times. For starters, they released a compilation album last year – […]
22nd September 2018

Flynotes – Child in the Woods

Flynotes is yet another band that I would never have stood a chance of coming across if it wasn’t for my thrice-blessed employment here at Metal Revolution. The Russian trio first banded together eight years […]
21st September 2018


Personally I like to (occasionally) boast that I enjoy a challenge, and I am certainly partial to band from certain areas (including Russia, France and Great Britain). Which is no doubt one of the reasons […]