6th January 2020

Darkend – Spiritual Resonance

Darkend is a Symphonic Black Metal band hailing from Northern Italy, which cam into prominence roughly fourteen years ago as of today. It consists of six talented musicians spread over a wide assortment of different […]
3rd January 2020

Tableau Mort – Veil of Stigma – Book 1: Mark of Delusion

Tableau Mort is a British Black Metal quintet that came into being sometime in 2017. Despite being of British descent, they do seem to have some kind of connection to Romania, since their lyrical themes […]
2nd January 2020

Helheim – Rignir

At this point I highly doubt if I even have to introduce Helheim anymore – They have been a welcome mainstay in the Pagan Black Metal scene for nearly thirty years (having first founded back […]
2nd January 2020

A Thousand Sufferings – Bleakness

A Thousand Sufferings is a Belgian-based Blackened Doom Metal act that has been around since 2013. In that time, they have released two Full-length releases and a single Split album – The newest of these […]
30th December 2019

Agos – Aonian Invocation

Agos, written in their native Greek as ‘ΑΓΟΣ’ roughly translated into either ‘Miasma’ or ‘Cures by the gods’. Whether this is meant to represent the sole musician behind the band himself or someone else is […]
30th December 2019

Degragore – From Sin to Redemption

It has been quite a while since I stumbled across a Brutal Death Metal band that I haven’t already had the pleasure of listening to before – Even more so when the band in question […]
22nd December 2019

Ades Numen – War

Ades Numen (which is latin for ‘Come Force’) is an Italian Black/Death Metal trio that was founded two years ago in Padua. From what I have been able to gather, the first two years of […]
7th December 2019

Xoresth – Vortex of Desolation

Xoresth is a Turkish Funeral Doom Metal band consisting of four members who teamed up about six years ago. In that time, the band has released several Splits, a single Demo and, as of last […]
29th November 2019

Decem Maleficivm – La fin de Satan

It is rare that I come across bands from Chile. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that Decem Maleficivm represents the second of third such band that has travelled across my desk […]
26th November 2019

Pénitence Onirique – Vestige

It is always interesting to discover a new band one turns out to be invested in. You delve deep into their music, their history and line-up, begin listening to and analyzing their lyrics and, as […]