21st July 2022

Friends of Hell – Friends of Hell

One glance at the album cover, band name and song titles pretty much sets the stage for what the debut album from Friends of Hell is about. What we get here is stoner infused doom […]
12th July 2022

Afterimage – II: Beyond Horizons Infinite

Sophomore album by Greek prog power metal band Afterimage sees the band continuing down the same path set by the 2018 debut. The general feel, however, is that of growth. Not so much because they […]
1st July 2022

Beyond Mortal Dreams – Abomination Of The Flames

Here at Metal Revolution we occasionally receive a short description of the records we are sent alongside said albums, where the bands themselves or perhaps even the record label gives some insights into the thought […]
1st July 2022

Deathwhite – Grey Everlasting

In a year when there are no new releases from the likes of Katatonia, Pallbearer, Paradise Lost and Moonspell, third album from Deathwhite comes at perfect time for those who need their dose of melodic […]
27th June 2022

Phalanx Inferno / Melek-Tha – Order Of Eternal Indifference

This release was released last winter, but serves as a nice introduction to the beginning of my summer. It’s raining outside, and what a better way to spend a day off than listening to this […]
27th June 2022

Porcupine Tree – Closure/Continuation

Thirteen years have passed since the last album from Porcupine Tree. Couple of years after the release of 2009’s The Incident, band’s leader Steven Wilson dissembled the band in order to focus on his solo […]
21st June 2022

Dead Head – Slave Driver

Slave Driver is the seventh full-length album by Dead Head. The band is hailing from The Netherlands and believe it or not, they’ve been around since the late 80s! Their style is just about as […]
21st June 2022

Patristic – Apologetica

Italian Blackened Death Metal duet is a fairly new creation, apparently citing their inception earlier this very year. Despite the fact that makes this particular union of a band only, at most, six months old, […]
15th June 2022

Mirror – The Day The Bastard Leaders Die

On their bandcamp page it says that they’re from Cyprus, but Mirror is really a multi-national quintet consisting of Jimmy Mavrommatis (vocals), Nikolas ‘Sprits’ Moutafis (guitar), Dino (guitar), Tas (bass) and Daniel Georgiou. They’ve released […]
14th June 2022

Kadaverreich – Radiance Of Doom

Kadaverreich is a Russian-based Doom Metal act, one that as of time of writing seems to have three years of experience under their collective belt, not counting the excessive amount of time each of the […]
13th June 2022

Heart Attack – Negative Sun

More than five years have passed since the release sophomore album by French thrash/groove metal band Heart Attack, the rather strong and promising The Resilience. It was an album that like many others by the […]
13th June 2022

Purgatory – Apotheosis Of Anti Light

German death metal veterans Purgatory have been releasing music for three decades now. The band’ line-up is; Dreier (vocals), René Kögel (guitars & vocals), Wolfgang Rothbauer (guitars), Nico Solle (bass) and Lutz Götzold (drums). Apotheosis […]
10th June 2022

Kreator – Hate Über Alles

Here we are ten years ago almost to the day since the release of Phantom Antichrist, the album that brought the German thrash metal legends back to the spotlight, thanks to the rise of thrash […]
6th June 2022

Dunwich – Dunwich

Dunwich is a sludge & stoner metal quintet from Calais in France. Not to be confused with the Italian, Russian and Canadian bands with the same moniker! This French five-piece was founded at the end […]
26th May 2022

Diseased Oblivion – A Blackened Harvest Of Decomposure

My friend and partner Gabriel S. from Nihilistic Holocaust sent me another album for review. This time it is Diseased Oblivion from US, and their A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure album. There’re eight tracks and […]
30th April 2022

Rise To The Sky – Every Day, A Funeral

Rise To The Sky is one of those pleasant surprises that pops up every now and again – A band just up my alley that is well-established, talented, with a clear concept and overall approach […]
29th April 2022

Au-Dessus – Mend

Au-Dessus, the Lithuanian Post-Black metal quartet is a band that I am always getting one of my, by now, numerous eyes on. Granted, they are not the most productive of artists as far as amounts […]
22nd February 2022

Archvile King – À La Ruine

Archvile King represents numerous approaches and clichés to the music I like, which is no doubt why I have taken quite a liking to the band: It is a solo act, with one very talented […]
7th February 2022

Lunar Tombfields – The Eternal Harvest

Lunar Tombfields, on paper, is already shaping up to being a very interesting band. The name of the band, Lunar Tombfields, is taken from a song found on the critically acclaimed first EP of German […]
18th January 2022

Pensées Nocturnes – Douce Fange

Pensées Nocturnes is a French Avantgarde Black Metal band that has crossed my path twice in the past – And since my memory is not what it used to be, I cheated a little bit […]
6th January 2022

Cepheide – Les Échappèes

Cepheide is a French one-man band that I have had the pleasure of following nearly since its inception back in 2013 in Paris – I missed the debut Demo, but managed to get my hands […]
28th December 2021

Corpus Diavolis – Apocatastase

Corpus Diavolis is a French Black/Death Metal fusion who can trace their origins as far back as the year 2008 – Since their inception they have released a grand total of seven records, of which […]
20th December 2021

Adoperta Tenebris – Oblivion: the Forthcoming Ends

Adoperta Tenebris is a relatively discreet band, as far as the overall internet is concerned. From what I have been able to gleam so far, the following is of note: For one, we are dealing […]
26th November 2021

In Mourning – Bleeding Veil

In Mourning is a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band cut in the same vein (and nearly the same time period) as their kinsmen in bands such as In Flames, Opeth and Dark Tranquility despite having […]
24th November 2021

Sznur – Dom Człowieka

Sznur is a Polish Black Met trio, one that seems to have been quite the hard workers since their inception back in 2017 – In fact, so far they have nearly managed to release a […]
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