6th May 2023

DieHumane – The Grotesque

The pandemic resulted is countless projects and collaborations, many of whom were uninspiring and vanished as soon as the world started opening up. Common for most of is that artists needed a creative outlet during […]
4th May 2023

WeissRavana – Awakening of the Ancient Blood

Few metal scenes in the world are more intriguing and confusing than the Japanese one. Ever since the 1980s, Japan has made it their business to foster a bizarre group of misfits that mix influences […]
3rd May 2023

Moonreich – Amer

Moonreich is a French Black Metal band, one that has been around since 2008 and who has been on my personal radar since they released the excellent album ‘Pillars Of Detest’ back in 2015. Back […]
1st May 2023

Ars Manifestia – Il Mattino della Follia

Harmful is an Italian (northern Lombardy) artist behind Ars Manifestia project/band. He’s been active in Italian (black metal) underground scene since the end of the last millenium. Now, he’s out with the album entitled Il […]
29th April 2023

Therapy? – Hard Cold Fire

Some five years since their previous releases Cleave, Therapy? are ready with the follow-up entitled Hard Cold Fire. It marks their second release for Marshall Records and the first time, the long-time collaborator Chris Sheldon has produced […]
27th April 2023

Garota – Czarne Wizje

What Finland and Norway were for black metal scene in the 90s, it’s Poland nowadays! Garota is yet another black metal act from Szczecin (Poland), a band founded just a few years ago. Garota is […]
27th April 2023

Trailight – Mirrors

A decade since the release of their self-titled debut, Trailight are ready with their sixth full length studio release entitled Mirrors. Canada based project by bassist/singer Omer Cordell has from the start had a rather […]
26th April 2023

Pariahlord – Vultures

Pariahlord are a German stoner rock band consisting of the following three dudes; Carsten Schmitt (guitar & vocals), Jan Kurtze (bass) and Phil Röttgers (drums). The band was founded in 2019 with an idea of […]
25th April 2023

V/A – D​é​s – Astres

P.O.G.O. is a label since 1993 releasing all kinds of punk, metal, electro, noise, sludge, dub, emo, ambiant etc music. Their latest release is D​é​s – Astres, is a conceptual collaborations between four different French […]
23rd April 2023

Timor Et Tremor – Realm Of Ashes

Timor Et Tremor is a German Pagan Black Metal band, one that rose from the ashes of the Blackened Death Metal band Twilight Prophecies. As a stand-alone band it has been around since 2005 and […]
20th April 2023

Ancient Flame – Blood Stained the Barren Land

Petteri Urmas (vocals & keyboards) from a Finnish band Ancient Flame sent me their debut full-length entitled Blood Stained the Barren Land for a review. Apart from Petteri the band also consists of the following […]
19th April 2023

Serpico – The Chosen Four

From probably the most metal/hard rock country in Europe, Finland, hails a band going under the moniker of Serpico. The band, founded in 2005, consists of Vee Dour (lead vocals), Snake (lead guitars & backing […]
18th April 2023

Blood Of Christ – Chapter III – The Lonely Flowers Of Autumn

Ontario, Canada-based CDN Records, who has specialized in releasing extreme, mainly death metal, records sent me some of their latest releases for review purposes. One of these is the re-issue of Blood Of Christ’s 1995 […]
17th April 2023

Grava – Weight of a God

Grava is is a metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark and today is the official vinyl release of their debut full-length entitled The Weight of a God via their fellow Danish label Vinyltroll Records. At the […]
17th April 2023

Metallica – 72 Seasons

No matter what you think of Metallica few things about them are undeniable; they were driving force behind foundation of thrash metal in the early 80’s, they took a bold step which took metal to […]
1st January 2023

Nyrak – Malvs

Belgian-based quintet Nyrak is an Atmospheric Black Metal band in the vein of Sunken, Cepheide and Diadem Of Dead Stars in numerous ways aside from merely the fact that all three contribute to the same […]
20th December 2022

Jours Pâles – Tensions

French Modern Black Metal one-man project Jours Pâles has recently released their second full-length album (third if you count the singular albume released under their Asphodèle moniker – Which I do since the two bands […]
16th December 2022

Deliverance – Neon Chaos In A Junk-Sick Dawn

Deliverance is a French Sludged Black Metal quartet who can actually celebrate their ten year anniversary this year – As notably they have, by releasing their third full-length album Neon Chaos In A Junk-Sick Dawn […]
5th December 2022

Wesenwille: III: The Great Light Above

Wesenwille is a Dutch Black Metal band that recently seems to have cut their numbers down to a single individual, namely the guitarist/vocalist who has taken on songwriting uties alongside picking up both a bass […]
14th November 2022

Fer De Lance – Hyperborean

Fer-de-lance is a French term meaning ‘Spearhead’, as in the actual iron tip of a spear. But do not let that fool you – In this specific example, Fer De Lance (in three separate words) […]
13th November 2022

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lifeblood

In Twilights Embrace is a Polish quintet that was originally founded under the moniker Over The Edge. Back then, their genre of choice was Melodic Death Metal – However that seemed to have shifted somewhat […]
10th November 2022

Houle – Houle

Houle is a French Melodic Black Metal quintet founded at an unspecified date sometime last year. In their own words, the inspiration behind the band is the ‘grandeur of the ocean’, marking them as a […]
12th October 2022

ACOD– Fourth Reign Over Opacities And Beyond

ACOD is a French Blackened Death Metal trio with a strong spiritual (albeit not quite primal) approach to their music. They have been honing said music since the middle of the two thousands, having released […]
7th October 2022

Acédia – Fracture

Acédia is a Canada-based Black Metal trio with a grand total of eleven years as a band behind them. In those eleven years they have released three Full-length albums, the newest of which said to […]
16th September 2022

½ Southern North – Narrations Of A Fallen Soul

½ Southern North is a Greek one-man act that has been around for the last nine years. Callling it anything other than experimental would be to do the project a massive disservice – Especially considering […]
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