1st July 2019

Athanasia – The Order of the Silver Compass

Athanasia, by any measurable means, is not a particularly new band. Granted, they have only existed under the moniker ‘Athanasia’ for the last three years, but prior to that they spent twelve years playing together […]
26th June 2019

Истина (Istina) – Откровение неизвестности (Revelation Of The Unknown)

Sometimes, I really hate the fact that I know as few languages as I do – Not only does it severely limit the amount of lyrics, books and movies that I can devote myself to […]
31st May 2019

Suicidal Madness – Dégénérescence

Back in 2010, three French musicians banded together over their shared love of two apparent things: Black Metal and a lyrical obsession regarding the madness and depression that surrounds a modern-day human being in today’s […]
22nd May 2019

Advent Varic – Tumulus Part 1: The Beginning

Advent Varic is an American Blackened Stoner Metal trio, one which I am a bit unsure about just how long they have been active. What I do know however, is the fact that Tumulus Part […]
17th May 2019

Griffon / Darkenhöld – Atra Musica (Split Album)

Griffon and Darkenhöld, despite being from different parts of France, have quite a few similarities between them. The most obvious of which (aside of their shared love of Black Metal, the genre they both utilize), […]
12th May 2019

Time Lurker / Cepheide – Lucide (Split Album)

Lucide, despite being the name of the Cepheide half of this Split release, is actually a collaboration between two fairly new, but very talented Frenchm shall we say, ‘minimalist’ bands – This is in the […]
6th May 2019

Mormânt De Snagov – Depths Below Space and Existence

Mormânt De Snagov is a Finnish Black Metal quartet that has been active since 2008. In that time, they have produced a significant amount of musical material, culminating in their third Full-length album early last […]
3rd May 2019

Skáld – Vikings Chant

A Skáld is an old Scandinavian and Icelandic poet, performer and singer dating back to the Viking Age and early Middle Ages, performing at the court of chieftains and kings alike. As such, they often […]
25th April 2019

Sworn Enemy – Gamechanger

Sworn Enemy is a US-based Hardcore quintet, originally founded back in 1997 in New York under the name Mindset. Two years later, they changed their name (but not their tune) to the one their use […]
20th April 2019

Necandi Homines – Black Hole

Necandi Homines is an Italian quartet that has specialized in an sound that is excessively slow, simple and somewhat laden with detached melancholy. Not something I would claim is easy to do, yet Black Hole, […]