20th February 2019

Striborg – Spiritual Catharsis

Similar to Mysterious Semblance which was re-released last year, Spiritual Catharsis represents one of the most well-received Full-length releases performed and given to the fans by the Australian Ambient Black Metal band Striborg. Spiritual Catharsis […]
8th February 2019

Aornos – The Great Scorn

Aornos is a Hungarian One-man Black Metal act that was founded five years ago. Since that time, Algras (which is the name of the artist behind the band) has made a point out of releasing […]
28th January 2019

Grimorium Verum – Revenant

Grimorium Verum is a Russian Symphonic Black Metal trio which rose to prominence following closely behind the creation of Dimmu Borgir – A Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band, that Grimorium Verum closely resembles in several […]
14th January 2019

Aetranok – Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher

Aetranok, to me, represents what seems to be a rise in popularity for Second Wave Black Metal in the US. Since the beginning of the 2010’s, I have seen a fair amount of such bands […]
25th December 2018

Blurr Thrower – Les Avatars Du Vide

Cascadian Black Metal, as I have heard quite a few bands being referenced as these days, seems to be a genre growing exponentially faster and faster as time progresses – And, seeing as it is […]
19th December 2018

Pensees Nocturnes – Grand Guignol Orchestra

Pensees Nocturnes is, without a doubt, one of the most peculiar mixtures of genres and themes that I have come across all year (which, coming in at the end of said year, is saying something). […]
28th November 2018

Myrd – Negativisme

Myrd has recently released their third full-length album – Negativisme (Danish for ‘negativism’) which, this time around, is a collaboration between the lead singer (as far as I can tell, the only remaining member of […]
22nd November 2018

Unendlich – Misanthropic Sedition

Unendlich is, despite the clearly German name (it means ‘infinite’, in case anyone was wondering) actually a US-based duo, one that has been playing and performing together under said German moniker for four years now. […]
16th November 2018

Circle Story – Uncovered Fears

Circle Story is a French Melodic Rock band founded around a year ago as far as I have been able to gather. Since that time, they have honed their skills and their performance, finally culminating […]
15th November 2018

Art Against Agony – Shiva Appreciation Society

Art Against Agony is a self-styled ‘musical collective’ that first saw the light of day eight years ago and consists of twelve members apparently scattered around the globe (the band seems very secretive about many […]