Dysylumn – Conceptarium – Metal Revolution
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13th November 2015
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16th November 2015

Dysylumn – Conceptarium

Label: Self-released / Release Date: September 1st, 2015
  • 76%
    Dysylumn - Conceptarium - 76%

Dysylumn is a French Black and Death Metal duet, one that has been around since the year 2010. While I cannot seem to find any significantly long list of bands that the two musicians have been involved with, despite clear indications that they are both very talented and experienced musicians. Conceptarium marks their first attempt at a feature-length release, lasting almost forty minutes in total. Sure, I have seen and heard albums longer than this, but Dysylumn actually manages to keep up a very intense and constant mood as well as tempo all the way through, which, to me, makes the album all the more compelling. And the fact that they are heavily influenced by Black Metal makes their own style of Death Metal just a bit better. But the thing that makes the band truly unique is their ability to take these two (not all that) different genres and combine them as well as giving them a powerfully Progressive twist. Musically they are not alone in this particular type of sound as it seems to have become more and more popular over the last half a decade or so. Nevertheless, they are good at it, and Dysylumn have created their own sound, one that is easily recognizable. And, as some of you may know, that is something that marks a band as truly great in my book.

Singling out a track that shows off the true splendour of Dysylumn and at the same time stand out is somewhat hard for me. All the songs are clearly cut from the same tree, if one can make such an analogy, yet they are still different enough to not become boring and repetative as the record progresses. As such, I have opted to go with ”Conceptarium, Part 1”, as it is the first half of two splendid tracks,which is undoubtedly the reason why they named the release after it.


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