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16th November 2015
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Red Hills – Pleasure of Destruction

Label: Total Metal / Release Date: July 10th, 2014
  • 53%
    Red Hills - Pleasure of Destruction - 53%

Ukranian Melodic Death Metallers Red Hills released their debut album entitled Pleasure of Destruction. While it is, technically, their debut album, it also doubles as a Demo of sorts (due to its fairly short running total). Containing a grand total of seven tracks and one instrumental outro, Pleasure of Destruction lasts for twenty-five minutes. A bit too short for my taste; although I must give them credit for not padding up the album with generic or sub-standard tracks and instead focusing on showing the world exactly what they can do. Sure, the album is short, but is filled to the brink with simple, catchy riffs and matching lyrics. All in all this adds up to Red Hills as a very like-able as well as very competent band. On top of that, Red Hills managed to introduce me to a new way of creating Melodic Death Metal; one that is less focused on advanced riffs and powerful presence and instead keeping it simple, relentless and consistent. ”Har dto be a Good Man” is an excellent example of what these five young yet talented Ukranians are capable of.

While they are not exactly what you might expect when you hear the genre ‘Melodic Death Metal’ (at least if you, like me, was expecting something akin to Arch Enemy or In Flames), it is still a very apt description and it definitely has its own merit. Hell, had the album been twice the length, I would even have thrown in as much as another ten points in my overall rating. Because, as great as the album is, I cannot help but sit back wanting for more (as often happens when you find something enjoyable). But still, give it a shot. Hills

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