15th January 2009

The Mars Volta – Octahedron

Less then a year and a half ago since their last album The Bedlam In Goliat, the musical wizards are back with another full length album. After the fury of Bedlam In Goliat which was […]
7th October 2008

Tesla – Forever More

Tesla has been releasing one good album after another for almost 25 years so expectations for their first release of new material in four years have been high. The fact that the album is produced […]
12th September 2008

Metallica – Death Magnetic

There were the 80s and there were the 90s, both decades that were marked forever by one single band, making not only thrash metal, but rock history in general. In the 80s when I begun […]
25th August 2008

Volbeat – Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Volbeat have put the Danish metal scene on fire with their eminent bland of metal and rock ‘n’ roll on their 2005 debut album The Strength / The Sound / The Songs. Already a year […]
15th July 2008

Zebrahead – Phoenix

The CD started and almost instantly a big smile was glued to my face and it stayed there for all the sixteen songs this album includes. New album from the Californian band sees the band […]
7th July 2008

Mötley Crüe – Saints Of Los Angeles

It has been eight years since the last Mötley Crüe album and eleven years since the original members recorded an studio album together. This alone is enough to get the press and fans boiling with […]
1st July 2008

Lȧȧz Rockit – Left For Dead

Lȧȧz Rockit is one of those bands that was part of that revolutionary Bay Area movement, but band broke up back in 1992 and after 13 years of silence they got back together in 2005 […]
15th May 2008

Paradise Lost – The Anatomy of Melancholy

For two decades now Paradise Lost have been one of the most important names in the gothic metal scene and now they celebrate their twenty year anniversary with the release of their first live CD […]
10th May 2008

Demians – Building An Empire

The press releases, which are always attached to these CD’s we review, are something that I always read, but rarely find useful. The same was the case with Demians’ debut album, but one fact did […]
1st May 2008

Tiamat – Amanethes

Label: Nuclear Blast Records / Release date: 2nd May 2008 Almost five years after the release of their latest album, Prey, these Swedish goths are ready with a new album. Amanethes is produced by the […]
25th April 2008

Testament – The Formation of Damnation

It has been almost ten years since Testament released new studio material, but now, finally, the thrash legends are ready with a new album that sees the original guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick recording […]
1st April 2008

Figure Of Six – Aion

Italian FO6 is a band that has its roots in a hardcore scene, but the band finds inspiration in other genres as well, and by doing this they try to create something different. The result […]
1st April 2008

Walls of Jericho – Redemption

With a big help from Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Walls of Jericho have created a semi acoustic EP that showcases the band in a somewhat different light. The metalcore roots the band […]
17th February 2008

Porcupine Tree – Nil Recurring

Nil Recurring is a mini album consisting of four songs, which are leftovers from sessions for the band’s 2007 masterpiece Fear Of A Blank Planet. The idea of releasing this material as a separate release […]
1st February 2008

Made Of Hate – Bullet In Your Head

Debut album from the Polish youngsters offers nine tracks of high-voltage heavy metal. From the very beginning, it is easy to see who is in charge as the music is based upon the impressive guitar […]
22nd March 2019

Triste Terre – Grand Œuvre

Triste Terre is a French Atmospheric Black Metal band that has been around since 2016. In that time they have primarily focused on honing their music, releasing the occassional EP along the way. And now, […]
26th March 2019

Jason Becker – Triumphant Hearts

Triumphant Hearts is the new album from a guitar virtuoso Jason Becker.  Jason Becker’s story is one of brilliance, talent, determination, adversity, and ultimately, triumph. A child prodigy on guitar, Jason rose to prominence as […]
1st April 2019

Seventh Genocide – SVNTH

Seventh Genocide is an Italian Black Metal quartet with thirteen years of experience as a band. In that time, they have released two full-length albums, two Demos, two EP’s (of which SVNTH is one) and […]
9th April 2019

Brahdr’uhz – Land of Darkness

Brahdr’uhz is a Swiss one-man band, one that seems to be on a mission: To bring back the original, raw Black Metal sound as it was back in the early nineties. He seems almost single-mindedly […]
17th April 2019

IX – The Hermit – Present Days, Future Days

Present Days, Future Days might be IX – The Hermit’s debut, but band’s members have released numerous releases as part of other bands. This is quite evident after one spin of the album, because band’s […]
20th April 2019

Necandi Homines – Black Hole

Necandi Homines is an Italian quartet that has specialized in an sound that is excessively slow, simple and somewhat laden with detached melancholy. Not something I would claim is easy to do, yet Black Hole, […]
24th April 2019

Holocaust – Elder Gods

The most media attention Scottish band Holocaust received during the course of their over four decades long career was Metallica covered their “The Small Hours” on the 1987 EP The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited. […]
25th April 2019

Sworn Enemy – Gamechanger

Sworn Enemy is a US-based Hardcore quintet, originally founded back in 1997 in New York under the name Mindset. Two years later, they changed their name (but not their tune) to the one their use […]
3rd May 2019

The Damned Things – High Crimes

Back in 2010 another supergroup emerged. Consisting of members from Anthrax, Every Time I Die, and Fall Out Boy, the somewhat unlikely union delivered on hell of a debut in form of Ironiclast and after […]
3rd May 2019

Skáld – Vikings Chant

A Skáld is an old Scandinavian and Icelandic poet, performer and singer dating back to the Viking Age and early Middle Ages, performing at the court of chieftains and kings alike. As such, they often […]
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