30th June 2021

Thy Catafalque – Vadak

Looking past black metal genre and its qualities, something exciting occurs when extreme metal (black, doom, death metal) artists venture into unrelated genres. Some artists such as Emptiness, Anathema and Manes have over the years […]
22nd June 2021

Sordide – Les Idées Blanches

Sordide (which means ‘Filthy’ in French, as far as Google Translate tells me) is a Black Metal trio that proved to be somewhat difficult to dig up information about. Not as difficult as, say Istina […]
18th June 2021

Helloween – Helloween

Self-titled album by German power metal legends Helloween is perhaps the most anticipated metal release of 2021. And rightfully so. In order to understand the magnitude of this release we’ll start off by trying to […]
16th June 2021

No Life Code – Maldoror’s Metamorphosis

Maldoror’s Metamorphosis is a debut album by a Spanish black metal duo going under the moniker, No Life Code. The band consists of J. Nefarious (multi-instrumentalist) and M. Berserk (vocalist), noth ‘well-known from Spanish underground […]
12th June 2021

Black Sun Brotherhood – God & Beast

Black Sun Brotherhood are the mighty maniacs hailin from Sarpsborg, Norway. At the end of 2020 this extreme metal band released their full-length debut entitled God & Beast. The album contains 11 tracks of pure, […]
9th June 2021

Traumasphere – Voidcall

Traumasphere is, or should I say was, a death metal band from France. It’s has been formed as a duo between Ivan Sikic (vocals, guitars and bass) and Guillaume (drums and keyboards). After releasing their […]
8th June 2021

Ossuaire – Mortes Fables

Mortes Fables is the last recording of the French band Ossuaire, initially released as a MCD (2010) and now rematerialized on a black tape with sticker and pro cover. What you get on this tape […]
7th June 2021

Åskog – Varþnaþer

Åskog (pronounced as “oah-skoog”) is a newly formed (2020) black metal duo hailing from Vänersborg, Sweden. Varþnaþer is their debut full-length containing eight tracks. Varþnaþer follows their 2020 Demo EP entitled Varg. On this debut […]
1st June 2021

Profanity – Fragments of Solace

Yet our fortunate ears can already lay claim to a flood of top notch techdeath releases. We’ve heard Gojira exploding into our spring with Fortitude, greeted new tracks from Vilthjarta, and Cannibal Corpse have offered […]
27th May 2021

Feradur – Parakosm

I believe most regular readers of our webzine are already familiar with a Feradur band since we’ve also conducted a short interview with the band prior to the release of this new EP. For those […]
25th May 2021

Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia

Recording cover songs was for decades a rare occasion, but then with rise of digital music platforms and social media it seems that there isn’t a song out there that hasn’t been covered in just […]
25th May 2021

VOLA – Witness

Applause of a Distant Crowd, the sophomore release by Danish prog band VOLA was an impressive display of quality as well as clear direction, something their debut hinted, but didn’t live up to itself. Now […]
25th May 2021

Borgne – Temps Morts

Borgne, the Swiss Industrial Black Metal duo, has previously been on my radar – Most recently back in March of last year where they released ‘Y’. And, upon getting my hands on and giving Temps […]
20th May 2021

Kafirun – The Seed, The Serpent and The Scythe

Canadian collective Kafirun have unleashed a first-rate spring time single for all lovers of black metal. The Sea, The Serpent and the Scythe marks the first hint of what is to come from Their eponymous […]
18th May 2021

Sixgun Renegades – Push

Sixgun Renegades are a four-piece hard rock band from Espoo, Finland. We’ve already presented our readers to their 2018 self-titled debut. Now, the quartet is making a comeback with their sophomore album entitled Push. Push […]
17th February 2016

Izegrim – The Ferryman’s End

I hope that Dutch metallers Izegrim need no further introduction to the readers of this webzine. We have followed their career since the very beginning in 1996 and now we are proud to present you […]
23rd March 2016

O’Brother – Endless Light

With their latest release, O’Brother not only hit a homerun, but they display an enormous growth. Potential of the band was always obvious and they have released some good records, but on Endless Light they […]
28th April 2016

Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

Although the band was formed more than 15 years ago, it is first a decade ago that Black Stone Cherry made an entrance to the metal scene with their attention-grabbing self-titled debut. Meanwhile, they’ve also […]
30th April 2016

Long Distance Calling – TRIPS

My first encounter with Long Distance Calling was back in 2011, when the guest appearance from Armoured Saint / ex-Anthrax singer John Bush was what attracted my attention. Luckily the self-titled album showed that there […]
5th May 2016

Истина – Познание тьмой (Truth – Knowledge of Darkness)

This is probably the single-most impressive album that I have received in all the time that I have had the pleasure of working for Metal Revolution. As far as I know, none of my colleagues […]
2nd November 2016

Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake

More than four years have passed since Testament released their previous album, Dark Roots of Earth. Couple of years ago band’s bassist Greg Christian left the band for second time and Steve DiGiorgio has since […]
28th November 2016

Liturgy of Decay – First Psalms (Psalms of Agony and Revolt – First and Only Shape)

In the case of bands such as French Liturgy of Decay, I find it useful to break the information down into numbers, and then go about crunching them. This might sound a bit peculiar, but […]
9th January 2017

Pain Of Salvation – In the Passing Light of Day

It was actually on this day for 10 years ago that I did my first review for Metal Revolution and it was the review of Pain Of Salvation’s Scarsick. Fast forward 10 years and the […]
25th January 2017

Emptiness – Not For Music

I’ve always taken great joy in the fact that I’m able to enjoy almost any type of music, as long as it speaks to me on some level. But the fact is that I’ve never […]
9th February 2017

Moonloop – Devocean

Moonloop is a Catalan (Barcelona) based progressive & death metal combo. They were formed in 2001, exactly same year as our beloved magazine that you’re reading now. Their music has often been labeled as a […]