W.A.S.P. – Dominator
20th April 2007
W.A.S.P. – Dominator
20th April 2007

Moonlight Agony – Silent Waters

Label: Dockyard1 / Release date: 26th March 2007
  • 70%
    Moonlight Agony - Silent Waters - 70%

The beautiful artwork on the front cover of the second album by Moonlight Agony was promising allot. Maybe little bit too much. Silent Waters sees the band continuing with their vision of heavy/prog metal which often sounds like Symphony X or more accessible version of earlier Dream Theater.
The songs and the production on this album are very compact and together with tight playing of the band it creates a generic overall feeling.

Singer David Åkesson does the job very well but without sounding original. Despite his young age he sounds very mature both with the tone and control of his voice. There is not much variation in the songs but they are well written songs that blend couple metal genres without making it sound like they are trying too hard.

Silent Waters is a good buy for old school metal melodic metal fans.


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