21st March 2017

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

When Mastodon released Crack the Skyeback in 2009, it was a major step into the big league- commercially and even more so creatively. To this day the album stands as the pinnacle of their career. […]
20th March 2017

Moss Upon the Skull – The Scourge of Ages

Brussels-based quintet Moss Upon the Skull has been building up momentum since their inception back in 2010, spending a significant amount of their time honing their skills and perfecting their sound. This seemed to have […]
19th March 2017

From the Shores – Of Apathy

Founded in 2008 by five Italians with a penchant for lyrical themes revolving around pain and death. And, in order to convey this to a suitable audience, they have chosen the Melodic Death Metal approach […]
15th March 2017

Scarlet Anger – Freak Show

Scarlet Anger is a Thrash Metal quintet, one that has been around for a decade and counting, so far. They hail from the famous, but seldom heard-of country (in a Metal context at least) Luxembourg. […]
14th March 2017

Taake – Stridens Hus

This is the third time that Bato has given me the honour of looking through one of Hoests (as the one-man-band behind Taake calls himself) full-length records. And honestly, it never seems to get old. […]
13th March 2017

Bear Bone Company – Bear Bone Company

A Swedish trio sworn to bring back the old-fashioned Hard Rock sound from the last four decades, according to themselves. And while I can certainly both see and hear where they come from, I would […]
10th March 2017

Arkana Code – Brutal Conflict

I seem to recall having made the statement a few years ago that the Italians truly shine when making epic-style Power Metal, back then referring to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire. Well, I am […]
8th March 2017

D.Hate – L.I.F.E (Look Into Fear’s Eyes)

D.Hate is a Ukrainian quartet that saw the light of day back in 2010. And in the last seven years, they have so far produced and released two full-length albums. The newest of these (and […]
8th March 2017

1000Dead – 1000Dead

1000Dead is a metal band from Rethymno (Crete, Greece). This is my first encounter with this hard-hitting trio, as it is a relatively new band (formed in 2013). Within their first year, the trio had […]
6th March 2017

Barathrum – Fanatiko

Finnish sextet Barathrum (founded back in 1990 under the name Darkfeast) are, given, the extensive amounts of years that they have been active, no strangers to the world. Since their first appearance they have released […]
2nd March 2017

Black Sites – In Monochrome

Their sound might be one of the strangest combinations in the world of extreme music, but then again nothing is ordinary and usual about Black Sites. So, who are Black Sites then? Black Sites is […]
22nd February 2017

Striker – Striker

Canadian-based Heavy Metal quartet Striker is one of those bands that seem to show up out of nowhere with a ridiculous amount of energy and ambition and talent to boot. Since their inception ten years […]
21st February 2017

Lock Up – Demonization

It never ceases to amaze me how many bands are out there. Specifically, the sheer amount of bands that I should know about, but for one reason or another have never even been picked up […]
20th February 2017

Hetroertzen – Uprising of the Fallen

Originally a Chilean-based Black Metal quartet, the members have since their inception (all the way back in 1997, if you count their original alias) moved across several country lines and is now based in Sweden […]
16th February 2017

Zaum – Eidolon

Psychedelic Doom is not my favorite metal genre, but it was a pleasant surprise when Zaum’s Eidolon begun to spin in my stereo. Based in New Brunswick (Canada) Zaum is a dark passage into the […]
13th August 2015

Graveworm – Engraved In Black‏

Italian Black Metal quintet Graveworm are quite well-known these days. So much in fact, that Metal Mind Records have decided to re-release several of their most famous (and, probably best-selling) albums in a limited Golden […]
25th July 2015

Neolith – Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki

Neolith is a Polish quintet who has been active for more than twenty years. In that time, their sound has shifted from a more Doom-influenced Death Metal type to a more Blackened Death Metal-esque sound. […]
23rd July 2015

Carnal Agony – Preludes & Nocturnes

Carnal Agony is a fascinating project, one that is fueled and led by the four Swedish musicians that doubles as its members. All four of them seem to have a fondness for popular culture as […]
11th July 2015

Gorefest – La Muerte

Gorefest is a near-legendary Dutch Death Metal band, formed in the late eighties. After a few years inactive, Gorefest rebanded in 2005 and released the album La Muerte. This record also marked the band’s return […]
9th July 2015

Cruenta Lacrymis ‐ Sweetness and Blasphemy

Cruenta Lacrymis is a fairly new band, having been around for about three years, being assembled somewhere in the year 2012. And, after three years of writing, planning, mixing and creating, Cruenta Lacrymis released their […]
1st July 2015

Dawn of a Dark Age – Volume 2: Water

Water is the second concept album released by Dawn of a Dark Age, one that is closely tied in with its predecessor which was entitled Earth. This time, there is a heavy emphasis on the […]
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