In Twilight’s Embrace – Lifeblood – Metal Revolution
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10th November 2022
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14th November 2022

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lifeblood

Label: Malignant Voices / Release Date: 13th May 2022
  • 76%
    In Twilight's Embrace - Lifeblood - 76%

In Twilights Embrace is a Polish quintet that was originally founded under the moniker Over The Edge. Back then, their genre of choice was Melodic Death Metal – However that seemed to have shifted somewhat early on in their career. Now, nineteen years after their foundation and seventeen years after their debut Demo, the record Lifeblood was introduced to the world.
By now, In Twilight’s Embrace have, more than succesfully I might add, redefined themselves and what type of music their influences, desires and abilities will help shape; Namely, a modern take on Black Metal. And what a take it is.
Granted, I have never actually heard anything from this particular band prior to being sent this specific album from my boss so exactly how or why their priorities shifted, I will leave up to the hardcore fans that have followed the band since the beginning. For my penny I will instead focus on what I like about their new approach.
For one, I like the tempo that is present throughout all seven tracks of the record. It is fast-paced and relentless, with the understated, yet powerful guitar riffs competing for attention against both the gravelling growls of the lead singer and the heavy undercurrent expertly weaved beneath both by the bas and drums in unison. And, as is a rare treat for albums I review these days (through no fault of my own I admit), the lyrics are performed and delivered in English, giving it more broad appeal across the world (historically speaking, at least).
Now, as I hope I made painfully clear from my scribble above, I like Lifeblood. It is a grand example of what Black Metal has evolved into over the past thirty years and, in my opinion, could easily be used as a text-book example of such (the track “The Death Drive” springs to mind) – However, ironically, that is also my only real qualm with it; Being a perfect example of an approach, what sets them apart from similar bands? Sadly I do not have the answer, and truth be told, it hardly takes anything away from the album, expertly performed, mixed and released as it is. Give it a spin if you are into modern Black Metal and have nearly forty-eight minutes to spare.
Recommended for fans of Mgla and Dissection.

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