8th September 2016

Shadow Rebels – Oversleep Hurricane

Shadow Rebels is an Israeli trio, one that is seemingly well known for experimenting heavily with their sound. According to Metal Scrap Records, they are, at their core, a Grunge band, but pulls in influences […]
6th September 2016

Nephrolith – Paleness of the Bled World

Nephrolith is a Slovenian Black Metal band, one that has been on the rough for the pas few years. They have been around for eight years and have since that time released a Demo and, […]
4th September 2016

Zornheym – The Opposed

The Opposed is the first released single from the upcoming debut album of Swedish quintet Zornheym. The band consist of former members of several well-established bands, the most noticeable of which being Zorn from Dark […]
30th August 2016

Volturyon – Cleansed By Carnage

Volturyon is a Swedish death metal band that was formed in 2005. Meanwhile, Volturyon has experienced some lineup changes over the years, but with the latest arrivals of the mighty Alexander Högbom (Centinex, October Tide) […]
30th August 2016

Hellgoat – Eden in Flames

After twelve years, three full-length albums and numerous Demo’s and EP’s, American-based Hellgoat decided to release yet another EP. This one is entitled Eden in Flames, contains two tracks and has a running total on […]
30th August 2016

Corruption – Devil’s Share

Devil’s Share is the latest album by the legendary polish stoner rockers, Corruption. It is band’s seventh studio release for the 25 years of their existence. Devil’s Share features 11 tracks full of catchy stoner […]
22nd August 2016

Bewitcher – Bewitcher

Three years ago the same amount of friends (or fellow musicans at least) banded together in order to bring back old-school Speed Metal (as they themselves call it), as played by the likes of Motörhead […]
18th August 2016

3rd Machine – Quantified Self

3rd Machine is a Dutch modern metal band whom I got familiar with in 2010 after the release of their last The Egotiator EP. The quintet has been active for more than a decade now, […]
16th August 2016

Aegeon – Devouring the Sun

Aegeon is, as far as I have been able to gather, a fairly new Finnish Atmospheric Black Metal duet, one that has taken the more melodious Black Metal sound from the nineties and mixed it […]
15th August 2016

Hour of Anguish – Solace of Sorrow

Hour of Anguish is an almost brand new Melodic Death Metal band, formed and presently consisting of a Swedish duet named Richard Lee and Andreas Henriksson. While those names mean absolutely nothing to me, after […]
12th August 2016

VRTRA – My Bones Hold a Stillness

As time has passed, I have gotten more accustomed to, and even enjoy, certain mixtures of genres (whereas I was heavily against it in the past). For instance, American-based VRTRA (I have no idea what […]
10th August 2016

DrukNRoll – In The Game

DrukNRoll is a band Russian Heavy Metal band who has been around for ten years now. In that time, they have kept themselves busy, releasing one EP and four full-length albums. The album that I […]
9th August 2016

Gory Blisters – The Fifth Fury

Gory Blister is an Italian quartet, the first of its kind that I have stumbled across who plays a very technical (and good) Death Metal. Now, normally I prefer my Death Metal very old-fashioned (no […]
8th August 2016

Kayser – IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity

As implied by the title of the album, IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity is the fourth full-length release produced by Swedish Kayser and delivered by French Listenable Records. Now, this is the second time […]
5th August 2016

Ruins – Undercurrent

Ruins is an Australian Black Metal duet that has been around for the last twelve years. In that time, they have been somewhat busy, having released a single EP as well as four full-length records. […]
10th December 2015

Valborg – Romantik

For thirteen years the German trio Valborg have been refining, honing and other big, fancy words for developing their own style of Doom Metal (which can best be described as a bit Progressive – Although […]
8th December 2015

Mizantropia – Oblivion

It has been a while since I got my hands on a decent Gothic Metal album. Not that I am complaining, Zoka is far better versed within this genre, and is by far better both […]
27th November 2015

Véhémence – Assiége

Recently I have had my eyes opened up for the massive efficiency and great sound that, apparently, almost any French Black Metal band is capable of producing. So when Bato sent me the self-released debut […]
25th November 2015

Eluveitie, Skàlmöld, Vexillum, November 25th 2015, VoxHall, Aarhus, Denmark

Photo: Hasan Jensen / Homage Photography Vexillum is an Italian Power Metal band that sprang into existance back in 2004 under the name Shadow Vexillum. Their name was shortened in 2007 to simply, surprise, Vexillum, […]
22nd November 2015

Kali Yuga – Kali Yuga

Despite having released it as their self-titled album, Kali Yuga is in fact, as opposed to tradition, not their debut album, but instead their third full-length release. And what does this mean for us, the […]
21st November 2015

Red Hills – Pleasure of Destruction

Ukranian Melodic Death Metallers Red Hills released their debut album entitled Pleasure of Destruction. While it is, technically, their debut album, it also doubles as a Demo of sorts (due to its fairly short running […]
14th November 2015

Dysylumn – Conceptarium

Dysylumn is a French Black and Death Metal duet, one that has been around since the year 2010. While I cannot seem to find any significantly long list of bands that the two musicians have […]
13th November 2015

In Flames and Black Temple, 8th November 2015, Train, Aarhus, Denmark

Swedish Hard Rockers Black Temple have, in order to celebrate the release of their first full-length album, teamed up with In Flames in order to promote it, as well as do some good by raising […]
13th November 2015

Yerbadiablo – It Doesn’t Work

Yerbadiablo’s second full-length release It Doesn’t Work is probably one of the hardest reviews that I had to write this year, simply because it is not even close to anything that I usually listen to. […]
12th November 2015

Pessimist – Slaughtering the Faithful

As you can no doubt ascertain from the two lines above, Slaughtering the Faithful is a re-release of the classical third full-length release of American Death Metal act Pessimist. And as such, I went in […]