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15th March 2015
Cruenta Lacrymis ‐ Sweetness and Blasphemy
9th July 2015

Dawn of a Dark Age – Volume 2: Water

Label: Self-released / Release Date: January 1st 2015
  • 90%
    Cruenta Lacrymis ‐ Sweetness and Blasphemy - 90%

Water is the second concept album released by Dawn of a Dark Age, one that is closely tied in with its predecessor which was entitled Earth. This time, there is a heavy emphasis on the importance, and potential danger, of water (no surprise there). This is done in a heavily Black Metal manner, yet with strong classical elements, a natural side-effect of the nature of the musicians that make up the band (both Eurynomos and Buran started their careers as musicians in symphonic orchestras). The two are far beyond talented, however, and I, for one find the mixture of symphonic instruments coupled with an almost theatrical approach to this particular style of Black Metal quite pleasing for the ears. Similar to the previous album, each track present on Water is carefully detailed, arranged and created as a part of a far larger whole, which causes the album to truly shine when heard from start to end, from intro to outro. A prime example of exactly how carefully detailed the album has been produced, one can notice that both released albums contain one intro, four songs and an outro, all in all having a running total of precisely 36 minutes.

So to sum up, if you feel like a symphonic, atmospheric Black Metal experience and you have (exactly) 36 minutes to spare, Dawn of a Dark Age is a good way to go.

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