20th September 2017

Las Casas Viejas – goule/H

Las Casas Viejas is a German-Austrian six-piece that is completely new in this world (founded sometime earlier this year) so you would be forgiven if you, like me, have never even heard of them. Judging […]
15th September 2017

Persona – Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the second time that I have had the pleasure of listening to a release from the Tunisian-based sextet Persona – Which is not all that surprising, considering that this is their second overall album. […]
14th September 2017

Ancst / King Apathy – Split

Of the two quintets that donated tracks to this Split, Ancst is by a wide margin the most active. Since their inception six years ago, the Berlin-based band has released a staggering sixteen albums (primarily […]
8th September 2017

Wakboth – Endless Graves

Wakboth is a Finnish quintet, born and raised in the nineties as a love child of sorts between the rising Second Wave Black Metal scene and the more traditional Punk and Thrash Metal approach (this […]
7th September 2017

Soul Dissolution – Pale Distant Light

Soul Dissolution is, in all its simplicity, a Belgian take on the very melancholic and sometimes even depressive version of Black Metal, that has risen to prominence more and more over the years. The band […]
6th September 2017

Terrorkult – Crush the Pious

Going by the numbers I can inform all of you that Terrorkult is a US-based Black Metal duet, which was founded twelve years ago (making their inception year 2005). They celebrated their formation by releasing […]
5th September 2017

Zornheym – Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns

It has finally become official: Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns will be released on 15th of September this year (not November last year as I erroneously stated previously). The previously released single ”The Opposed” […]
4th September 2017

Unru / Tongue – Intimhölle/Regression / Omega Male (Split)

Both Unru and Tongue share several similarities: For one, they are both based in the same town and area of their native Germany; Secondly, they are both playing their own take on the Black Metal […]
21st August 2017

John Steven Morgan – Solo Piano Works

When it comes to creating simple yet very intense and emotional pieces of music, few can rival those performances played on either the piano or the violin. These two monikers are some of the more […]
20th August 2017

Conclusion Of An Age – Captains and Kings

I would stipulate that Conclusion Of An Age, in many ways, encapsulate the modern era. I mean this in both the specific sound of the band, which I have aptly heard described as Melodic Heavy […]