17th February 2018

Nordfrost – Ad Infinitum

Nordfrost is a German pagan-inspired Black Metal band, one that has decided to immortalize the inevitability of decay in musical form (as best one can hope to do, considering). In order to do so, the […]
14th February 2018

Elegiac – From The Ashes

Elegiac is a US-based Black Metal band, and one of the most efficient that I have seen in quite a while. Since the bands inception four years ago, a staggering eight Splits, two Eps, one […]
13th February 2018

Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion

Black Wizard is a Stoner Doom Metal band hailing from the cold North (Canada to be precise). Despite all the precepts about the North to be cold and unforgiving as one often sees in modern-day […]
8th February 2018

Aorlhac – L’esprit Des Vents

Aorlhac is a French Black Metal trio, one that has been around for over a decade now. In that time, they have released two full-length releases as well as a Demo, a Compilation album and […]
7th February 2018

Helvetestromb – Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life

Helvetestromb is, despite the name change and a slight change in sound, the same Swedish band founded back in 2010 under the name Skoll. And while they still retain their very dirty Punk-related Black Metal […]
5th February 2018

Monads – IVIIV

Monads is a Belgium-based quintet which, since their inception seven years ago, have released both a Demo and, more recently, their first Full-length album. The common demoninator for both of these releases is Monads powerfully […]
29th January 2018

Wyrmwoods – Earth Made Flesh

Wyrmwoods is a Finnish one man band, one that specializes in something as exotic as an Atmospheric, Avant-garde version of the more normally known Black Metal genre. This somewhat unique approach has directly led to […]
20th January 2018

Nostalgic Agony – Vortex Of Resentment From The Weeping Walls

Nostalgic Agony is an Italian one-man band of unknown origins and age. What is known is that it was born as a project out of several failed collaborations, which ended in the lone multi-instrumentalist taking […]
17th January 2018

Mortis Mutilati – The Stench of Death

Some people are very creative, some active and even others productive – And a rare few are all three rolled into one package. In the latter category you would find the French Black Metal band […]
2nd January 2018

Social Crash – Burn Out

Social Crash is a French musical quartet who, by their own admission, have taken a audiotorial direction somewhere between the Punk Rock and Metal genres. This is done in order to make it possible for […]