18th June 2018

Ragenheart – The Last King

I do love it when I happen to come across a band that I would normally have little to no chance to stumble upon crosses my path anyway (especially when it turns out to be […]
17th June 2018

Moonreich – Fugue

Three years ago I was given the opportunity to review the third full-length release from the French Black Metal band Moonreich. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked – So much so that I practically […]
12th June 2018

Blasphamagoatachrist – Black Metal Warfare

The rather unusual name given to this Old-school Black Metal band acutally has a very straight-forward and somewhat logical antecedent: The trio that makes up the band each comes from rather famous Black Metal bands; […]
29th May 2018

Odium – As The World Turns Black

Odium is, I am sorry to admit, one of those bands that I should have discovered on my own a long time ago – And since the German Thrash Metal quintet has been around for […]
19th May 2018

Pensees Nocturne – Grotesque

Strictly speaking I cannot claim that Grotesque adds anything new at all to the table. After all, it was released eight years ago, almost to the day, compared to this version. What makes this release different from […]
8th May 2018

Deadly Carnage – Through the Void, Above the Suns

Deadly Carnage: An Italian quartet founded back in the year 2005. As a band, the four musicians have a penchant for the more philosiphical aspects of life which, among other things, can be seen in […]
29th April 2018

Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter

It took me a long time to get around to this record – Primarily because I am not at all sure why this was sent to us here at Metal Revolution. By the bands own […]
27th April 2018

Watch Out Stampede – Svtvnic

Several years ago I was aquainted with a German Hardcore band by the name of Watch Out Stampede. Back then, same as today, I was regrettably forced to admit that Hardcore is not a genre […]
24th April 2018

Samael – Solar Soul

Samael is a band that, I reckon, is far beyond the need of any real introduction. They have been around since the year 1987, thereby helping to form the early Black Metal sound, before moving […]
21st April 2018

Ragestorm – The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin

One of the trademarks of the Thrash Metal genre as a whole that has always been particularly close to my heart is a simple one: To me, the genre has often been synonymous with provocative […]