19th July 2017

Ingurgitating Oblivion – Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light

Four tracks, fifty-two minutes. That was the first thing I noticed about Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light – And one of the primary reasons why I was drawn to it. I have long had […]
13th July 2017

Toxik – Breaking Class

Toxik represents, to me at least, a trend that has been going on for quite a few years now. More and more of the old-school Thrash Metal bands, many of which have been inactive for […]
1st July 2017

Darkenhöld – Memoria Sylvarum

A while ago I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing the album Castellum by the French Black Metal act Darkenhöld. If memory serves, that proved to be quite an experience for me, since it not […]
27th June 2017

Ether – There is Nothing Left for Me Here

Florida-based quintet Ether shares their name with quite a few bands – I have been able to count three so far. This version, however, is a fairly new entry, release-wise (as far as I can […]
21st June 2017

Karne – Symposium of Torments

Karne is, simply put, one of apparently many new-comers to the modern Black Metal scene. And, as seems to be more often the case than not, they are part of the evergrowing French version – […]
16th June 2017

Katharos XIII – Negativity

Katharos XIII is a Romanian-based Black Metal quartet; One, that specialises in lyrical themes such as death, suicide and overall misanthropy. While this prompted the band to be introduced to me as a both depressive […]
9th June 2017

Infinight – Fifteen

German Infinight, whose name is both catchy and quite the pun, are quite efficient, despite not having signed on to any one label. As a band they have existed since the year 2001, and have […]
30th May 2017

Daemonian – Endless Corridor

The world is definitely getting smaller, and it seems to be happening fast. With the advent of the internet, the abililty to reach more or less the entire world from your own home and the […]
28th May 2017

Au-Dessus – End of Chapter

Au-Dessus is a band that confused and/or tricked me, I will admit. Having a French name (‘Au-Dessus’ meaning ‘Above’) and being promoted by a well-known French (mostly) Black Metal label, I immediately made the logical […]
23rd May 2017

Funeral Hearse – Heralding the Deathwinds

Funeral Hearse is a two-man project, one that has risen out of two, apparently very famous and popular, Singapore-based bands entitled Rotten Germs and Zushakon. While these names are sadly unknown to me at present, […]