21st April 2018

Ragestorm – The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin

One of the trademarks of the Thrash Metal genre as a whole that has always been particularly close to my heart is a simple one: To me, the genre has often been synonymous with provocative […]
17th April 2018

Taiga – Cosmos

Truly, I find myself living in a golden age as far as music goes. In this year alone I have come across several fascinating bands, new or otherwise, from various sources (including friends, family and […]
12th April 2018

Бесконечная Зима (Neverending Winter) – Сеногной (The Hay)

The longer I enjoy employment here at Metal Revolution, the more I begin to realize exactly how lucky I am. Never before have I come across as many different bands, musical influences and interesting concepts […]
10th April 2018

Skogen – Skuggorna Kallar

Skogen is a Black Metal quartet who, almost a decade ago, set out to describe and pay homage to the beautiful and mysterious nature that surrounds them (Sweden is well-known for its beautiful nature). So […]
26th March 2018

Lectern (Italy)

Lectern is an Italian Death Metal act with almost twenty years worth of experience underneath their belt. During that time, they have graced the world with five releases (and a sixth on the way). Luckily […]
26th March 2018

Vulture Vibe – Temptation

Vulture Vibe is a four-piece Rock N’ Roll consisting solely of my kinsmen, so it stands to reason that once I learned of their existance, I felt almost obliged to seek them out. Granted, when […]
23rd March 2018

Crisix – Against All Odds

Today marks the release of the fourth full-length album (and fourth release overall – This band does not bother with anything less than a full album, an approach I can appreciate) from the Spanish Thrash […]
20th March 2018

Death Tyrant – Opus De Tyranis

Probably the best perk about this job is that every once in a while (fairly often actually, since I get my hands on quite a few releases) I stumble across a band that I, for […]
19th March 2018

Penthos – Lifeless Haze

Penthos is something as rare as an oldschool Death Metal act, of the sort that specializes in keeping their music dirty, gritty and riddled with aggression. As of the time of this writing, the band […]
14th March 2018

Wolfpack – Loathe

The late 2010’s would appear to the the era for the French bands. The newest band from said country that I have been introduced to is the Hardcore quintet Wolfpack who, despite being formed deep […]