17th August 2018

Paganland – XX Years of Paganland

Paganland is a Ukranian-based Black Metal band with strong roots and other connections to their history and past as part of the Slavic countries. The five musicians take great pride in both their nationality and […]
11th August 2018

Farsot / ColdWorld – Toteninsel

Toteninsel (German for ‘Isle of the Dead’) is a rather interesting EP with quite a bit of history already, despite the fact that it is not to be released for another month. A few years […]
6th August 2018

A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes

I remember one cold autumn weekend four years ago where a friend and I had travelled to Leeds on order to attend a one-day festival with a particularly great line-up. At the time I did […]
28th July 2018

Greedy Capitalist – Filthy Tenacities

Greedy Capitalist is a fairly new band in the world – As far as I can tell, they were founded a little over a year ago in Greece. In the time that has passed, the […]
19th July 2018

Ennui – End of the Circle

Ennui, despite the french-sounding name (from what Google tells me, it translates to ‘Boredom’), represents a musical duo hailing from Georgia, almost as far east in Europe as one can venture. This particular duo first […]
14th July 2018

Veld – S.I.N

Veld is the name of a Belarus-based Death Metal trio that has been active on and off for the last two decades – With their first release seeing the light of day seventeen years ago. […]
11th July 2018

Killing Tyranny – Church of the Twisted Prophet

Killing Tyranny is not a band that I have ever come across, but the cover art of their second release, Church of the Twisted Prophet, did a very good job at immediately drawing my attention. […]
9th July 2018

Sorrowful – In the Rainfall

In the Rainfall is the debut album of an, at the time, Mexican duo who specialized in a very slow, very melancholic take on the Death Metal genre. The album contains nine tracks, each averaging […]
5th July 2018

Appollonia – Dull Parade

Appollonia is a French one-man band, one that draws inspiration from such diverse sources as Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age and Mastodon; The premise behind it being to merge the heavy sounds […]
2nd July 2018

Cor Scorpii – Ruin

Cor Scorpii was created the same year that legendary Windir sadly ceased to exist: This is by no means a coincidence, since three of the members of said legendary band transitioned over into this impressive […]