12th July 2016

Vampyromorpha – Fiendish Tales of Doom

If you attempt to revolve a Doom Metal concept around classical horror stories, like those portrayed in the old black-and-white movies (and even adding a hammond, a type or organ found in said horror movies), […]
11th July 2016

ADX – Non Serviam

One of the absolute perks of this job is all those hidden gems my boss seems to throw at me at regular intervals. No matter how many records I listen to, there are always a […]
10th July 2016

Hellsodomy – Chaostorm

Hellsodomy is a Turkish musical quartet who, apparently unimpressed with the current change within the Death Metal scene, have brought it upon themselves to bring it back to its old-school roots. In order to do […]
9th July 2016

Cepheide – Respire

When Respire fell through the mail slot at my home, I could tell almost immediately that this was an album that I would either love or hate. Strong emotions either way. After doing a little […]
5th July 2016

Synlakross – Death Bullets for a Forajido

The second album my Spanish Melodic Death Metallers Synlakross is inspired by the wild west, and therefore bears the name Death Bullets for a Forajido (and apparently ‘forajido’ roughly translates into ‘desperado’). In consists of […]
27th June 2016

Winterlore – Winterlore

Despite being their self-titled album, Winterlore is actually not, as tradition would dictate it, their first full-length release (or even their first release overall). In fact, Winterlore has thus far produced two full-length records and […]
23rd June 2016

Dunsmuir – Dunsmuir

“Super-group” – the word has somehow lost its weight thanks to the overexposure, and let’s face it, thanks to long line of half-hearted super-groups. But to be honest, over the years we’ve also witnessed some […]
22nd June 2016

Brute Forcz – Brute Forcz

Brute Forcz is the side project of two American wrestlers (yes, you read that right) who goes by the names Slammer and Jammer, respectively. While I know nothing about their wrestling career, I can tell […]
21st June 2016

Secret Illusion – Change of Time

Change Of Time is the latest release from Greek power-metallers Secret Illusion. It is their second full-length and comes after 2011 debut Illusion and the two following EP’s. Change Of Time is a very decent […]
20th June 2016

On-Off – Borderline

When you type ‘On-Off’ and ‘Borderline’ in any web search engine the only results you get are about mental illnesses. On their label Buil2Kill there’s some info on the band, but all in Italian. Thus, […]
20th June 2016

Unlit Face – Everlasting Transformation

Unlit Face is a Swedish Melodic Death Metal trio with a very strong Progressive twist. And while I cannot say anything about their previous releases, this Progressive trait seems to be the dominating factor on […]
16th June 2016

C.B. Murdoc – Here Be Dragons

C.B. Murdoc is a terrific four piece band based in Stockholm, Sweden. The origin of the band goes back to 2006, formed upon the remains of a black metal act Mörk Gryning. Unlike Mörk Gryning, […]
15th June 2016

Simple Lies – No Time to Waste

No Time to Waste is the first ever record produced and released by Italian Hard Rockers Simple Lies. It contains eleven tracks (counting the intro and a single interlude) and has a running time barely […]
15th June 2016

Gojira – Magma

I first became aware of Gojira during an interview conducted with Annihilator’s Jeff Waters back in 2007, where he praised them to such a degree that I had to give them a chance. Since then […]
14th June 2016

Eisen – 1536

Eisen is quite the secretive, yet very ambitious band. Among their influences they cite elements from bands such as Cradle of Filth, Meshuggah and Noisia. While I am a bit fussy around what elements influence […]
14th August 2015

Graveworm – (N)utopia

Continuing their re-releasing spree, one of Graveworms finest albums to date is granted a new, golden finish: Indeed, (N)utopia is back among us! And thankfully, nothing has been changed except the colour of the physical […]
13th August 2015

Graveworm – Engraved In Black‏

Italian Black Metal quintet Graveworm are quite well-known these days. So much in fact, that Metal Mind Records have decided to re-release several of their most famous (and, probably best-selling) albums in a limited Golden […]
25th July 2015

Neolith – Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki

Neolith is a Polish quintet who has been active for more than twenty years. In that time, their sound has shifted from a more Doom-influenced Death Metal type to a more Blackened Death Metal-esque sound. […]
23rd July 2015

Carnal Agony – Preludes & Nocturnes

Carnal Agony is a fascinating project, one that is fueled and led by the four Swedish musicians that doubles as its members. All four of them seem to have a fondness for popular culture as […]
11th July 2015

Gorefest – La Muerte

Gorefest is a near-legendary Dutch Death Metal band, formed in the late eighties. After a few years inactive, Gorefest rebanded in 2005 and released the album La Muerte. This record also marked the band’s return […]
9th July 2015

Cruenta Lacrymis ‐ Sweetness and Blasphemy

Cruenta Lacrymis is a fairly new band, having been around for about three years, being assembled somewhere in the year 2012. And, after three years of writing, planning, mixing and creating, Cruenta Lacrymis released their […]
1st July 2015

Dawn of a Dark Age – Volume 2: Water

Water is the second concept album released by Dawn of a Dark Age, one that is closely tied in with its predecessor which was entitled Earth. This time, there is a heavy emphasis on the […]