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1st October 2020
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13th October 2020

In Cauda Venenum – G.O.H.E

Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre / Release Date: 9th October 2020
  • 91%
    In Cauda Venenum – G.O.H.E - 91%

In Cauda Venenum is a French Post-Black Metal trio that has been active for the last decade, as of 2020. In that time they have released their self-titled Full-length album and a Split album with Heir and Spectrale – And, as of about a week from now, another Full-length album will be added to the roster. This newest addition to their official discography will carry the name G.O.H.E.

Now, probably the easiest way to introduce exactly what kind of band In Cauda Venenum is would be to point towards the fact that their upcoming release spans a decent forty-four minute runtime despite only containing two tracks (”Malédiction” and ”Délivrance” respectively).

Musically, at least as far as G.O.H.E is concerned, In Cauda Venenum seems to have some influences and interests in common with their kinsmen The Great Old Ones, seeing as how their focus seems to be almost solely aimed towards a combined, full experience – As such, both tracks, despite being self-contained tracks in their own right (this isn’t a concept album after all), manage to create two powerful wall of sounds around the listeners, going for something inbetween immersing the audicence in their instrumental expertise and simply dunking us headfirst into it. Whichever metaphor is most apt, it cannot be denied that this approach is very effective.

Being a Post-Black Metal band, at least in this particular case, seems to translate to a slower, more atmospheric and crushing approach to the already emotionally-ridden Atmospheric Black Metal sound which I have come to find almost synonymous with the French at this point – Whenever I am in a mood and have a craving or an itch for a strong musical landscape showing me the fatalism of life or even a dream of a utopia, I often find myself drawn to this particular scene.

Sadly, I cannot link to any full song on YouTube at present, but I can link to the official teaser for the album and do my best to convince you that the rest of the album more than lives up to this short, two-minute promise.

Recommended for fans of The Great Old Ones, Au-Dessus and Altar of Plagues.

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