15th June 2022

Mirror – The Day The Bastard Leaders Die

On their bandcamp page it says that they’re from Cyprus, but Mirror is really a multi-national quintet consisting of Jimmy Mavrommatis (vocals), Nikolas ‘Sprits’ Moutafis (guitar), Dino (guitar), Tas (bass) and Daniel Georgiou. They’ve released […]
14th June 2022

Kadaverreich – Radiance Of Doom

Kadaverreich is a Russian-based Doom Metal act, one that as of time of writing seems to have three years of experience under their collective belt, not counting the excessive amount of time each of the […]
13th June 2022

Heart Attack – Negative Sun

More than five years have passed since the release sophomore album by French thrash/groove metal band Heart Attack, the rather strong and promising The Resilience. It was an album that like many others by the […]
13th June 2022

Purgatory – Apotheosis Of Anti Light

German death metal veterans Purgatory have been releasing music for three decades now. The band’ line-up is; Dreier (vocals), René Kögel (guitars & vocals), Wolfgang Rothbauer (guitars), Nico Solle (bass) and Lutz Götzold (drums). Apotheosis […]
10th June 2022

Kreator – Hate Über Alles

Here we are ten years ago almost to the day since the release of Phantom Antichrist, the album that brought the German thrash metal legends back to the spotlight, thanks to the rise of thrash […]
6th June 2022

Dunwich – Dunwich

Dunwich is a sludge & stoner metal quintet from Calais in France. Not to be confused with the Italian, Russian and Canadian bands with the same moniker! This French five-piece was founded at the end […]
26th May 2022

Diseased Oblivion – A Blackened Harvest Of Decomposure

My friend and partner Gabriel S. from Nihilistic Holocaust sent me another album for review. This time it is Diseased Oblivion from US, and their A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure album. There’re eight tracks and […]
25th May 2022

Simulacre / Archvile King – Split

This particular Split album is, as the name aptly suggests, a near-even split between two French Black Metal acts with similar enough soundscapes for it to make sense that they are present upon the same […]
24th May 2022

De Arma – Nightcall

I was not really sure of publishing this review as it has very little in connection to heavy metal. On the other hand one can occasionally hear some of gothic doomy influences which I believe […]
24th May 2022

Tony Martin – Thorns

More than a decade and a half have passed since the previous solo studio album from former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin, but already a minute into “As the World Burns” the album opener, it’s […]
19th May 2022

Dèhá – Decadanse

One thing that is certain when a new Dèhá release drop in through your mail box is that you are never quite sure what it is you are receiving. Since the Belgium-based musician first started […]
17th May 2022

Dead Ficus – All Else Failed

Dead Ficus is a melo-death metal band formed in 2006 in Strasbourg, France. The band consists of six lone-time friends, namely; Sébastien (vocals), Arnaud (guitars), Olivier (guitars), Lucien (bass), Karim (drums) and Laurence (keyboards). In […]
16th May 2022

Thyrargo – Impulses

Mika Sundvall from Thyrargo sent me band’s first EP entitled Impulses for review. Before going more into this four-tracker EP here comes a short introduction to this band from Helsinki, Finland. Apart from Mika Sundvall […]
12th May 2022

Wesenwille – I + Live At Roadburn

I + Live At Roadburn is a rather unique, but honestly quite logical, approach to a live album – Instead of merely releasing an album with effectively the soundtrack found at any given festival or […]
9th May 2022

Rimthurs – Thursamál

No wonder if you’ve heard the name Rimthurs before, as the band/project started in the mid-nineties, but wasn’t very productive until 2001 and 2002. For those of you still not familiar with Rimthurs, I can […]
10th November 2021

Melting Eyes (The Netherlands)

Interview with Ben Ubert (guitars) and Pier Segaar (guitars & vocals) https://meltingeyes.bandcamp.com/ Thanks to Marieke Jonkers from ‘Oldskull Promotions’, I got introduced to a Dutch death metal quartet, Melting Eyes. Just recently the guys did […]
13th October 2022

Melancholic Seasons (Germany)

Interview with Andi Henke (guitars) https://melancholic-seasons.jimdofree.com/   Melancholic Seasons is a Frankfurt/Main- (Germany) based thrash/death metal trio. The release of their fifth full-length The Crypt Of Time was planned for release already in 2018, but […]
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