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13th October 2022
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Melancholic Seasons (Germany)
13th October 2022
Raider (Canada)
17th February 2023

After Evolution (Czech Republic)

Interview with Nikolette Olsson (composer, singer, pianist)


During the weekend I had an interview scheduled for a talk with Nikolette Olsson, a composer, singer, pianist and founder of the Czech band, After Evolution. She showed to be very kind to talk to, and during our conversation we talked about the band’s past, but also about the latest developments in her band, and the release of their new full-length War of the Worlds.


Metal Revolution: Hello Nikolette, thank you for talking to the readers of our webzine.

Nikolette: Hello Bato! Thank you for inviting me for this interview!

MR: For our readers still unfamiliar with your band, would you be kind and give us a short introduction to the band, something about the foundation of your band?

Nikolette: Sure. Our band is like epic sympohnic metal (someone says rock) oriented and our music is about the apocalyptic ancient world far far away from us, where it is all about magic, demons, hope, dakness and light etc. I have created whole the story for the alvum and for the band so there is a lot to hear in music and in lyrics. The band has been created in 2013 by me and our guitarist Michal. We were experimenting with genres and later when we agreed on “symphonic metal” genre, we’ve found the rest of the members and since 2016 we’ve started with live concerts and being public. Since that year (2016) until now a lot of happened and we’ve changed a lot of members in our band, but now we are in a full power with the right people and ready to destroy the world with our music!

MR: Your line-up had some changes during the past 10 years. What was the main reason for the departure of former members?

Nikolette: The very first line up in 2016 changed because of personal reasons of the band members (drummer and guitarist) they wanted to focus on studies or their personal live, we were just on our student years so lot of members had different priorities. Other line-up in about 2018 changed due the fact that we got offer to get signed with a label and step up in the more professional level and those other members didn’t want to play this genre or they were not ready to take it more seriously and wanted to play more in free time as a hobby. So after that we got our last line up (the actual one) and we are stable and serious about our music career!

MR: Just recently you released War of the Worlds. What are your feelings when your records are released? Anything different this time compared to your previous works?

Nikolette: Yeah sure! it is different from our last demo album Threnodies because this album War of the Worlds has a whole new story, it is more orchestrated, it has more epic energy and it is inspired by film and game music more in orchestras. So I feel about or recent album great and much better about the next upcoming ones!

MR: How was the recording process of War of the Worlds? Are you pleased with the support you got from your label, Wormholedeath Records?

Nikolette: Recording process was really easy and great! We had everything ready so we just arrived to the studio and recorded what we had ready! And of course! I am very pleased with the support from our label, because everything is now much easier if you have support from a label in general, especially from the WormHoleDeath! We are very happy to be able to work with such a great and professional label and manager!

MR: The first video for the single “War Of The World” has been released on Youtube a few months ago and has already reached 215.000 views. What do you think about that? I guess you’re overwhelmed by such a numbers…

Nikolette: Yes it is really amazing! We got also a lot of wonderful comments and supportive words so it makes us really happy, because I will tell you, when we were recording that videoclip, it was really cold and I was freezing to death when we were recording the scene when I am laying on the ground and slowly getting up. It took a few takes, but it was really cold… So I am happy that people loves that videoclip and it got so many views!

MR: There’s 11 tracks on the new album, do you have any personal favorites?

Nikolette: Sure, my most favourite is “Nothing Left but Pain” as well as most of the band’s members favourite one and right after that is “War of the Worlds” of course!

MR: What’s your musical background? I know you’re playing piano, flute and violin – a multi-talented artist!

Nikolette: Yes, I play the piano, flute, little bit of drums and bassguitar but unfortunately I dont play violin, I wanted to learn that but I focused more on vocals and piano. I started being “musician” when I was three, that time I learned the flute and when I was I think 6 years old my parents decided that they will try something more complicated with me and that was piano and they found out I have a talent so, since that I am into the music like that but I am only clasically trained pianist… flute, drums and vocals I learned myself.

MR: What bands/musicians did you listen to as a kid? How/if your taste in music has changed over the years? Do you still listen to some of the same artists?

Nikolette: When I was like really little kiddo I was listening to the classical music and disney songs… I loved that so much for example songs from Tarzan from Elton John and also soundtracks etc. Later when I was like 11 years old I found out about Nightwish and Evanescence in the radio and since that I fell love with that music.

MR: Speaking of your role-models; do you mind being compared to the likes of Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil or Evanescence? Do you think that people make those comparisons because you’re a female-fronted band, or because they can hear some similarities in your music?

Nikolette: Yeah lot of people are comparing us to those really famous bands but I don’t mind. It means that we do our music very well and they like our music as much as theirs. But yes, I think they do that because we are female-fronted band and it is happening more in the female-fronted bands those comparisons and also because it is symphonic and those bands are symphonic as well and people loves doing comparisons to something they already know. I don’t blame them, I do that also too time to time, if I hear some new band, so I am like “Yeah they sound like Nightwish!” (Laughing) So we are all the same!

MR: I guess it’s a bit challenging to be a female in a metal band. Thus, I would like to know what you think is your greatest accomplishment in your career so far? Both individually and as a band?

Nikolette: If you are a female in music industry it is kinda different than being a male. Because if you are a girl a lot of people are also judging you by your looks if you look fit etc. So you have to be talented and good looking of course, but also thanks to our looks we are more easily being remembered as a women. So everything have its positive and negative sites! And what is my greatest accomplishment? Hmm, I am happy, we found a label we needed and we have recorded our first official professional album. It is really hard in music industry to find a good label and management who dont wanna rip you off from all the money and soul and everything to be honest and I am happy we found the one who wanna support us and not to destroy us slowly in time. (Laughing) Also my personal one is that I got better vocal range and I learned to work with my vocals as I wanted to. I am self trained vocalist so for someone those accomplishments can sound silly, but for me both means a lot, because with band we have got a lot professional connections and support thanks to the label and personally I can do my best to sound the best as a vocalist and that’s what I’ve always wanted.

MR: Apart from appear for interviews to webzines & magazines, what are some of other promotional activities you’re doing in order to spread some words about your latest album?

Nikolette: We are running marketing campaigns on social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube etc. Uploading videos, photos, hyping new fans to follow us and listen to our music also we are planning some tour dates for the next year and we are trying to get into as many radios we can to spread our music as much as possible!

MR: What is your knowledge of Denmark and the scene here? Have you ever been here or are you planning to perform here any time in the near future?

Nikolette: I don’t have such a knowledge to be honest, I am happy I have some knowledge about our Czech scene! (Laughing) But I would love to play in Denmark one day, because Denmark is a beautiful country, so I would love to connect the concert with a little visit around the country for sure!

MR: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Would you like to add anything to the readers of Metal Revolution?

Nikolette: Thank you so much for your time as well. I really enjoyed it! I would love to thank also to all the readers for their time of reading this amazing interview and also I would love to invite you to listen to our music and check out our videoclip! Let us know what is your most favourite song and I hope we will see you soon on stage!

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