27th September 2015

Death Dies – Legione

Despite not having the fame of some of the northern Black Metal bands, Italian trio Death Dies have been around for nearly as long as for instance Norwegian Emperor. And while they might not be […]
14th September 2015

Cruachan – Blood for the Blood God

Coming into this ordeal knowing that Cruachan used to be a Black Metal act under the name Minas Tirith, I was not really prepared, despite how much I thought I was. Blood for the Blood […]
11th September 2015

Hooded Menace – Gloom Immemorial

Few bands forget where they come from. But sadly, it is rare that they remember to thank those who helped get them to where they are today. Thankfully, Finnish Hooded Menace is not one of […]
9th September 2015

Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan

Three things are all you need in order to get an idea of whether The Wiccan is an album for you or not: 1: It is Black Metal with a traditional Greek twist, not unlike […]
7th September 2015

The 3rd Attempt – Born in Thorns

One thing is for certain: If you are looking for musical superstar bands (or a very talented one-man band), you will more often than not look towards the Black Metal scene. And Norwegian (obviously, Norwegian) […]
19th August 2015

Rusty Pacemaker – Ruins‏

Take two equal parts of Black and Doom Metal, mix them together into one person and add several talented session musicians. Stir for five years in a city in Austria and you end ud with […]
17th August 2015

Veonity – Gladiator’s Tale‏

Veonity is, as one might be able to discern from the cover art, a Power Metal band, one that draws a lot of inspiration from the legends of the eighties (most notably Manowar) and more […]
14th August 2015

Graveworm – (N)utopia

Continuing their re-releasing spree, one of Graveworms finest albums to date is granted a new, golden finish: Indeed, (N)utopia is back among us! And thankfully, nothing has been changed except the colour of the physical […]
13th August 2015

Graveworm – Engraved In Black‏

Italian Black Metal quintet Graveworm are quite well-known these days. So much in fact, that Metal Mind Records have decided to re-release several of their most famous (and, probably best-selling) albums in a limited Golden […]
25th July 2015

Neolith – Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki

Neolith is a Polish quintet who has been active for more than twenty years. In that time, their sound has shifted from a more Doom-influenced Death Metal type to a more Blackened Death Metal-esque sound. […]