9th June 2023

Salaman Isku – Le Voyage Nocturne

Salaman Isku is the moniker of a Psychedelic Rock/Folk/Metal one-man-band from France. Thus, Salaman Isku, which means ‘lightning strike’ is an impressionist music project created by Julien J. Neuville in 2013 to develop his deep […]
9th June 2023

Walls – Endeavour of Adaptation

Many may not be accustomed to the atmosphere Walls have sequestered in for some time now, but under safe regard as to whether or not you know this infinitesimal slice of Belgian metallic hardcore, it […]
8th June 2023

Miasmes – Repugnance

About a year ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the debut EP of up-and-coming French Black Metal trio and, skimming what I wrote back then, I can see that much of what I surmised […]
7th June 2023

ShadoWhisperS – Poe

From time to time I receive some really remarkable and extra ordinary album for a review. One of these is with Luxembourg-band called ShadoWhisperS. The band is formed in 2009 and after a lot of […]
6th June 2023

Panic Attack! – Don’t Stop

Norwegian (hailing from the town of Stavanger) hardcore/metal quartet Panic Attack! recently released its new release entitled Don’t Stop via Music-Records! As their moniker might suggest, Panic Attack! represents lives of bipolar depression, confusion, anger, […]
5th June 2023

Salceson X – Qui Penis Aqua Turbat

Qui Penis Aquam Turbat (Latin for ‘He who disturbs the water of the penis’?!?) is the new and third full-length album by the Polish Death ‘n’ Roll duo named Salceson X. Band’/side project’s moniker Salceson […]
30th May 2023

Metal Church – Congregation of Annihilation

Last couple of years were hard for Metal Church camp, with band’s singer Mike Howe suicide in 2021 and band’s former drummer Kirk Arrington passing away this year. Arrington hasn’t been part of the band […]
29th May 2023

Toxic Youth – Back To You-​​th

Originally formed in 1990, Toxic Youth are Italian, Milano-based hard-core quartet which consists of Ale (vocals), Kri (guitar), Max (bass) & Hichy (drums). The band dominated the scene from mid-to late 90s with their uncompromising […]
26th May 2023

The Ocean Collective – Holocene

Holocene is the final part of the three-part saga from one of most interesting progressive post metal acts of past decade or so. The Ocean Collective’s massive concept of telling the story of planet earth […]
26th May 2023

A Horrible Death To a Horrible Man – Days Gone By

A Horrible Death To a Horrible Man is of course a name you will know very well, unless you’re one of those freaks that don’t frequent Copenhagen’s Post-Metal scene. In other words: if you’re like […]
24th May 2023

Asylum Pyre – Call Me Inhuman (The Sun – The Fight – part 5)

Johann Cadot (guitars & vocals), a bandleader from a French quintet Asylum Pyre recently sent me their latest opus for review purpose. Apart from Johann the band also consists of a female vocalist Oxy Duprat, […]
23rd May 2023

Molekh – Ritus

Molekh is an extreme, avant-garde black & death metal quartet from Poland/Ireland. The band has been founded in 2017 in Dublin and it features three members of Polish black/folk metal band Thy Worshiper, but this […]
22nd May 2023

Sweet & Lynch – Heart & Sacrifice

In 2015 Michael Sweet (Stryper) and George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KMX) released their debut album under the mundane, but focus awaking, name Sweet & Lynch. Entitled Only to Rise, the debut was well composed and […]
17th May 2023

Warcoe – The Giant’s Dream

Warcore are a power-trio consisting of Carlo (bass), Francesco (drums) and Stefano (guitars & vocals). The band arrives from Pesaro, Italy, and they’ve been together for just about two years now. Their debut full-length is […]
15th May 2023

Vienna Style Empire – Showing You Whats Up Vol. II

It’s quite incredible that an Austrian capital city of Vienna has so many great hard-core bands as the case is here. With this particular release, Showing You Whats Up Vol. II, the scene around Vienna […]
26th May 2023

A Horrible Death To a Horrible Man – Days Gone By

A Horrible Death To a Horrible Man is of course a name you will know very well, unless you’re one of those freaks that don’t frequent Copenhagen’s Post-Metal scene. In other words: if you’re like […]
4th May 2023

WeissRavana – Awakening of the Ancient Blood

Few metal scenes in the world are more intriguing and confusing than the Japanese one. Ever since the 1980s, Japan has made it their business to foster a bizarre group of misfits that mix influences […]
17th April 2023

Senshi – Rise Again

Senshi are Serbian in origin, but they describe themselves as a band that plays “… a unique blend of ragga metal fused with traditional Japanese instruments”. I’m picturing Benji Webbe eating goulash in a kimono […]
11th April 2023

Outlaw – Reaching Beyond Assiah

2020 was a crucial year for Sao Paulo’s Outlaw. Three years ago, these guys managed to follow up an attention-grabbing debut with a solid, feet-planting sophomore effort that helped them firmly distance themselves musically from […]
11th April 2023

Dead End Finland – Victory

This album is following up from 2020’s Inter Vivos; a rather odd, power-metal driven album with a sprinkle of Death Metal, tonnes of melody, a hefty dose of synth and electronica, and even a nice […]
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