Бесконечная Зима (Neverending Winter) – Сеногной (The Hay) – Metal Revolution
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10th April 2018
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Бесконечная Зима (Neverending Winter) – Сеногной (The Hay)

Label: Self-Released / Release Date: 27th January 2018
  • 82%
    Бесконечная Зима (Neverending Winter) – Сеногной (The Hay) - 82%

The longer I enjoy employment here at Metal Revolution, the more I begin to realize exactly how lucky I am. Never before have I come across as many different bands, musical influences and interesting concepts and thematic albums as what I am experiencing these days.

A fairly recent example would be the Russian Punk band-turned-Black Metal Neverending Winter (which is the rough English translation, since I have no chance whatsoever in knowing exactly what their name is in their native Russian).

This trio has been active as a band for the last eight years, perfecting their sound over one Split, two EP’s and two Full-length albums – Said sound being primarily Black Metal based, although their Punk and Hardcore roots still shine through to some extent.

This means that their newest EP (which carries the translated title The Hay, as far as I can gather) is a delightfully gritty, aggressive and fast-paced release, one dominated by a pummelling performance, scattered across three tracks.

These three tracks add up to a grand total of fourteen minutes of sheer raw, distorted carnage, kicking it into high gear and never letting up before they run out of recorded vinyl (metaphorically speaking, since this album is sadly only released in a digital format). All in all Neverending Winter is a band that I for one find to be very catchy and worth spinning on a friday evening while having a brew – Heavily inspired (by their own admission) by bands such as Emperor and Darkthrone, and given an even dirtier sound (no doubt the Punk influences; Definitely not a bad mixture).


As always, I would like to complain that a fourteen minute EP is too damn short to satisfy my musical inclinations – However, it was still a pleasant experience, and it did inspire me into investigating what else the band has released. Please forgive me, however, for not pin-pointing any particular track for your audiotory pleasure – Instead I am going to exploit the fact that the band themselves have uploaded the EP in its entirety to YouTube, in order to inspire you to support the band. Link can be found below.




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