Helheim – WoduridaR
15th November 2021
Omega Diatribe – Metanoia
23rd November 2021

Wilczyca – DrakoNequissime

Label: Gods Ov War / Release Date: 17th April, 2021
  • 88%
    Wilczyca – DrakoNequissime - 88%

Wilczyca (Polish for ‘She-Wolf’) is a Black Metal duet, one that, despite their recent addition onto the Black Metal stage as a whole, is putting in a valiant effort to keep the heavily distorted and crude sound of the Second Wave – Indeed, were it not for the slightly more clean mix used on DrakoNequissime, their third Full-length record released in the early half of this year, I could easily have been fooled to believe that the band is around twenty years of age, instead of the three that is actually the case.

Now musically, Wilczyca seems to prefer the short-but-intense approach – All three of their Full-length releases have been relatively short when counting minutes (with the newest one taking the record as the shortest at just above twenty-eight minutes). They make up for this by having all instruments flare to life almost immediately and keeping a consistent, relentless pace throughout (not including fade-outs inbetween tracks, of course).

The only somewhat exception to this (and by coincidence, my favourite title from the album) is the track ”Jeszcze zemści się Ziemia” (which translated into ‘The Earth Will Still Take Its Revenge’) due to Roman Kostrzewski, of Kat fame, lending his clean vocals to the song, giving it a more even and restrained introduction – Before picking up the pace yet again, the contrast between the two putting the sheer amount of energy on display at the forefront. A simple, yet effective strategy that I can only applaud.

All in all, Wilczyca is the brainchild of two very talented old-fashioned Black Metal fans – As such I would recommend DrakoNequissime to fans of Emperor, Helheim and Isvind.




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