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31st March 2023
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4th April 2023

Warhawk – War, Filth & Fury

Label: Iron Fist Productions / Release date: 27th January 2023
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    Warhawk – War, Filth & Fury - 75%

Warhawk hails from Gothenburg, Västra Götaland (Sweden) and the quartet is founded just a few years ago. It consists of Rob (Vocals), Erik (Bass), Pär (Guitar), Matte (Drums). Since it comes from Gothenburg I guess most of you are thinkin’ it’s yet another typical Gothenburg-style melo-death bands, but I can tell it’s not the case here. Warhawk plays what I would call just a great old-school Motörhead-style dirty rock n’ roll. Prior to the release of this particular cassette War, Filth & Fury 2023 compilation, they’ve released a 2021 Demo entitled Filth Rock n Roll, and later same year a live album called Live at Studio Berserk, and finally in 2022 their first full-length Pray for War.

Meanwhile, I’m here to tell a few words about their 2023 brand-new demo tape called War, Filth & Fury. It includes the Demo on side A, feauturing three songs, namely; “Fool Me Twice”, “Pray for War” and “Devil’s Dust” (which was also the first single the band ever recorded). On the B side we find four songs, which were recorded at ‘Studio Berserk’ in June 2020. Thus, on the B side we can once again find the aforementioned “Pray for War” and “Fool Me Twice”, but before these two classics we can hear “There Will Be Blood” and “Bad Reputation”. The recording and production itself is very old-school with this traditional dirty, raw and unpolished hard rock/rock n’ roll sound, with many early 90s influences, much reminiscent of the likes of Motörhead. One can hear some dirty & alcohol drained raspy & screaming vocals, power-chord, speedy riffing, electrifying & howling guitars, down-tuned & distorted dirty bass-lines providing a backbone to their sound, and finally aggressive and insane (with a touch of the late 70s) punk-rock drums. To times they even throw in some excellent solos, which spice things a bit more. It’s just delivered in a breakneck tempo, providing this ugly, dirty and loud sonic assault, not like anything else you’ll hear this year.

Esp. recommended for fans of Motörhead, Tank, Saxon, Girlschool, Gehennah and even some Venom. This particular tape has been released in only 200 copies, so act fast if you want to secure one of these. Price is only 70SEK/7Euro. For additonal info go to

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