Stortregn – Singularity
11th April 2016
Black Wizard – New Waste
14th April 2016

Villainy – Dim

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 22nd January 2016
  • 82%
    Villainy – Dim - 82%

Dutch trio Villainy have been anything but idle: In the six years that have passed since their inception they have released two demos, a compilation album, a single and, counting Dim, two full-length releases. And while that sounds somewhat impressive, I can almost hear you ask me an ever more relevant question: What type of music is it? What can I expect from this band? And the short answer would be: It is a Thrash Metal band, one that has taken quite a liking to the rough and powerful version made famous by bands such as Exodus (during their Dukes era) and Overkill. And while it is because of budget mixes (unlikely) or by design (probably) Villainy’s newest record has a distinct gruff sound, not unlike what you would find on older Black Metal albums (although not nearly as severe). And although they have kept the Thrash Metal flag flying high (including lyrics about horrors, the sub-conscious and the like), they do have some discreet Black Metal influences, which is not only seen in the roughness of the sound. As another example can be mentioned several instrumental parts (which can be found in some, more melodic versions) that the band deemed best suited for themselves as opposed to added to another track. This means that Dim has four instrumental tracks on it, where one functions as an intro and another as an outro (not a bad way to go). It also means that the total number of tracks reaches eleven, and the running total the somewhat impressive number of one hour.

Overall I quite enjoyed the album, which is basically a genre I greatly enjoy spiced with elements of another genre I also greatly appreciate. Sadly I could not find anything on YouTube relating to this album, so I instead link to the track ”Herschapen” (and yes, it id present on Dim) from their myspace instead.

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