Black Wizard – New Waste – Metal Revolution
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12th April 2016
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14th April 2016

Black Wizard – New Waste

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 29th January 2016
  • 51%
    Black Wizard – New Waste - 51%

Canadian-born quartet Black Wizard is quite the dedicated band. In the last six years they have released three full-length albums, each and every one of them riddled with tales of drugs and wild parties (as far as my research has informed me – I have actually only heard the newest record). These lyrics have been placed atop a Doom Metal matrix, which means that what could easily have been a Heavy Metal album (lyrics-wise) seem instead to be aimed at the more focused and concentrated individual (which is often the case with Doom Metal bands). It should be noted however, that while they still manage to create an atmosphere around them it is not nearly as palpable nor as intense as that created by for instance Who Dies in the Siberian Slush. This makes New Waste a bit more approachable as a full album, since it does not recquire the same amount of concentration placed upon it in order to get the full level of enjoyment out of it. Sadly, it also means that it does not drag you as far in as the more intense albums do. Nevertheless, at nine tracks in length, one of these a short instrumental track and a running time clocking out at forty-one minutes, it is still a pretty decent addition to their genre. And on top of that (due to the slightly casual build generated by the band) it is actually possible to sit down and hear a single track or two as opposed to listening to the entire album start to finish, which if often necessary in some other Doom Metal bands. As such, I can recommend the track ”Eliminator”, since it shows quite well what Black Wizard is capable of, as well as potentially introducing newcomers to the genre, if anyones interest has been awakened. But I seem to have digressed a bit.

Overall, Black Wizard’s newest release New Waste is an easy-listenable record, but one that is still aimed at fans of the Doom Metal genre (and to a lesser extent, Heavy Metal). I recommend a brew to go with it.

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