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16th June 2016
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20th June 2016

Unlit Face – Everlasting Transformation

Label: Sliptrick / Release Date: 2016
  • 48%
    Unlit Face – Everlasting Transformation - 48%

Unlit Face is a Swedish Melodic Death Metal trio with a very strong Progressive twist. And while I cannot say anything about their previous releases, this Progressive trait seems to be the dominating factor on their newest release (which is also their second full-length and first under the Sliptrick Records banner) entitled Everlasting Transformation. While the music is still clearly within the so-called Gothenburg Metal genre (which is the term they coined to describe the original Swedish Melodic Death Metal bands: These days mostly referred to as Melodic Death Metal); However, Everlasting Transformation is also permeaded by a strong talent for, and desire to be, very techincally advanced as opposed to filled with emotion and agression. This causes Unlit Face to seem a bit stunted, in the lack of a better word, with all the low growls and whining guitars found in for instance mid-Arch Enemy having been replaced by powerful guitar riffs that, while they are impressive, leaves little emotional response behind. Lyrically I have been unable to find any information, other than what I could gleam from the record itself: The album contains nine tracks in total, all of which carries a womans name. What relevance this has (if any), as well as the lyrical information has been, sadly, beyond my grasp and reach. Nevertheless, all nine tracks are most definitely made by the same band, and Unlit Face are nothing if not consistent. This gives Everlasting Transformation a strong feeling of coherency and, to some extent, predictability (to the extent a Progressive album can be). Not exactly my cup of tea, but definitely a good example of what the future of the genre may hold. Unfortunately there is no sign of any of their most recent tracks online, so instead I link to their myspace page, which should nonetheless give an impression of what the band can do.



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