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26th March 2020
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Undead – Existential Horror

Label: Godz Ov War / Release date: 2nd November 2019
  • 72%
    Undead – Existential Horror - 72%

There’s no shortage of Undead bands in the world of metal, its an obvious name – so my initial thought, prior to listening to Existential Horror, was that I’ve heard this album before. Fortunately I haven’t, as this bunch is a four piece based between Spain and UK.

In 2015 the band released their debut EP Blood Enemy, to follow that one up with another EP, Redemption, one year later. Now time has arrived for a full-length Existential Horror which contains nine tracks mixing different styles and textures while keeping things brutal.

The album opens with “Haunted By Hate”, a real headbanger with a quite chaotic-sounding solo at the end. It is followed by “Masters Of Mankind” which rises the energy level with pummeling drums and sawing guitars. “Sin & Death” is straight forward and direct track, but with a lot of melody too. The last part of “Santa Muerte” has this twin melody with the guitars providing a real sinister atmosphere. “City Of Silence” is another relentless track with a memorable lead guitars. A self-titled track “Existential Horror” is obviously a song that best characterize the whole image and sound of this band. Pummeling drums and sawing guitars go again in the song named “Curse Of The Undead”. The crunchy guitar solo and overall chuggy rhythm guitar parts are what characterize “Sarcophagus”. The closing track “Beyond Divine Regulation” is recognized by a nice hummering bass, sawing guitars and filthy vocals.

I spent a fun half hour of old school death metal with a classic old horror movie touch, and I was entertained while it lasted. It might not be the most original and unique piece of material but there nothing is missing on this album either. The nine tracks here are just what you would pretty much expect.

For fans of Celtic Frost, Deceased, Entombed etc. https://www.facebook.com/curseoftheundead

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