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14th January 2016
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The Red Coil – Lam

Label: Buil2Kill / Release Date: Unknown date and month, 2012
  • 43%
    The Red Coil - Lam - 43%

Italian quintet The Red Coil have released an EP and a single full-length so far. The full-length album is entitled Lam, and is somewhat hard for me to categorize. To some extent the band has a Doom Metal-like quality to them, yet far more melodic in a simple, catchy way than that particular genre usually delivers. On top of that, the overall feel of the band (and that of the lyrics, up to a point) gives the impression that you are dealing with a Hard Rock or Heavy Metal act instead. All in all, this adds up to one confusing, although not directly unpleasant, experience. Counting the intro, Lam contains a grand total of ten tracks spread across just above forty-five minutes. Not a bad running length. Add to that the easy-listenable aspect of the whole thing and you have a fairly decent album. Sadly, that is the highest amount of praise that I can give these five Italians, which I am not too happy about. They have clearly poured a lot of time and effort into creating this release and it is definitely something that stands out. But to me, it needs… More. I listened to the album five times in a row and I failed to find anything that peaqued my interest above politely impressed. And that bothers me. Because tracks such as ”Fuckin’ Numb” gives me the impression that they are capable of so much more, yet that they perhaps are trying far too much all at once. Basically, I would like to see them become either a more clean-spoken Doom Metal or Heavy Metal act and pursue that more directly, since Lam gives clear indications that these five musicians know their way around their instruments as well as lyrics, and if they simplified their goals I can easily see them using this album as a stepping stone for something far greater.

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