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14th January 2016
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19th January 2016

Desert Near the End – Hunt for the Sun

Label: Metal Scrap / Release Date: 7th November, 2014
  • 81%
    Desert Near the End - A Hunt for the Sun - 81%

Desert Near the End is probably one of the most dedicated concept bands that I have ever come across, with everything (and I do mean everything, right down to changing their name with every album to reflect the content within) ties together in order to tell their story. Hunt for the Sun is the trio’s second full-length release and the second chapter of an unnamed man who awoke with amnesia at a beach five years ago on the album A Crimson Dawn (prior to its release the band went by the name The Eventide – But I digress). A Hunt for the Sun continues where the previous album left off, telling of the continued journey, both physically and mentally, of our hapless protagonist. His reflections of both himself and his surroundings are expertly matched by the Bay Area Thrash Metal that Desert Near the End (as they call themselves at the moment), mixing together with great expertise in order to relay whatever emotion and situation that is being put on display in either of the eight tracks present. However, it should be noted that Hunt for the Sun is only divided into chapters (which is basically what each track is) in order to make it easier to navigate: If you want to experience the true glory of this existentialist masterpiece, you are forced to hear it in its entirety, starting from ”Storm on my Side”. Ideally I would have loved to hear their debut album prior to having been introduced to this album and then get the whole story. Sadly, that was not the case, so now I am going to stalk eBay and YouTube until I find a seller, both of the first album, and the end of the trilogy, once the band finishes and releases it. If you are into a very melodic Thrash Metal act with surprisingly deep and thoughtful lyrics, this Greek trio is not one to miss.

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