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6th February 2016
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10th February 2016

Sovversivo – Falling Deep

Label: Noisehead / Release Date: 15th November, 2013
  • 80%
    Sovversivo - Falling Deep - 80%

If there is one thing (music-wise) the Italians are good at, it is creating catchy and interesting Power- and Heavy Metal acts. And the Heavy Metal quartet that goes by the name Sovversivo is no exception. Having their inception back in 1998 has clearly had a huge impact on their musical style as well as professional experiences, as Falling Deep (the band’s second full-length release and fifth release overall), bears all of the hall-marks of the era: The music is kept incredibly simple, filled with catchy, yet still simple guitar rhythms and drums, with the bass added merely to add depth (as I see it anyway – opinions may vary on this point). But the vocalist is probably the biggest give-away as to their background: While he does not growl per se, he does have that unique, gruff quality in his voice that you get from smoking for years on end. And this character trait is fused expertly into the music and gives Falling Deep the overall feel of a Hard Rock-inspired Heavy Metal party that keeps going for (sadly) a mere forty-one minutes. As is often my criticism with great albums that Bato are kind enough to throw in my direction, they are rarely long enough for my taste (which I do realize is an unfair assesment – after all forty minutes is a standard and very good running total for an album). Sovversivo”s second release contains ten tracks, one of which (”Beside Myself”) is made into a pretty decent musical video that you can find below.

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