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7th February 2016
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11th February 2016

Satan – Atom By Atom

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 2nd October 2015
  • 47%
    Satan - Atom By Atom - 47%

Despite having gone by many, many different names since their inception back in 1979, the core of the band now known as Satan has changed very little over the years. Their fourth full-length album which was given the name Atom By Atom is a staple of old-fashioned New Wave of British Heavy Metal, in the vein of Iron Maiden and Saxon. Granted, they have not received as widespread fame as either of these (probaby due to the far smaller amount of released material), but the quintet are quite experienced nevertheless. As a matter of fact, the only thing that keeps them from becoming far greater than they apparenty are these days (as I see it, at least) is the simple fact that Atom By Atom has a very rough feel to it, almost like if it was actually released back in the seventies. Sure, that can have its charm in certain genres (such as Black Metal), but I must admit that I prefer my heavy Metal with a bit more clean sound. But that aside, Satan has all the hallmarks of their kinsmen and genre companions. The music is kept simple, yet riddled with the occasional guitar solos and powerful vocals. It is still very catchy, the rather rough sound not withstanding. Overall I get the feeling that Satan is a band that is best experienced live than recorded. For instance, I would love to hear ”The Devil’s Infantry” with a filled venue singing along.

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