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17th February 2016
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22nd February 2016

Septem – Septem

Label: Nadir Music / Release Date: 4th March, 2013
  • 76%
    Septem - Septem - 76%

Italian quintet Septem is, through empirical evicence, a band who takes their time whenever they have to do something in order to get it done right, not stopping until they are satisfied. This has both positive and negative consequences. On the negative side, it means that it took ten years from the bands inception until they actually released their debut, self-titled album (Septem, to any who might be in doubt). On a far more positive note, it is an impressive Heavy Metal extravaganza, lasting one whopping hour. Sure, Heavy Metal is not as far ahead these days as in the days of yore, yet Septem do what they can to keep the genre alive (and they are doing quite a job at it; See above). Septem might not offer much in the sense of diversity, yet all ten tracks are still a recognizable song in their own right. And, of course, all ten are built up exactly you would expect from a Modern Heavy Metal album: Catchy, repetitive riffs, a powerful vocals track and, obviously, lyrics pertaining heavy metal attitude and life in general. Nothing new under the sun, yet plenty of worthy additions to one of the oldest Metal scenes in the world. ”Keep Metal Alive”, the last track on the album caught my eye (or ear, as the case my be) in particular as a track I could easy imagine becoming a hit. Sadly, I could not find it on YouTube, so instead, for your enjoyment, I add the song ”The Stranger”, another decent track from a very good Heavy Metal album.

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