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17th February 2016
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19th February 2016

Malrun – Oblivion Awaits

Label: Vicisolum / Release Date: 2015
  • 51%
    Malrun - Oblivion Awaits - 51%

Malrun is a Danish-based Heavy Metal band, one riddled with many influences from the Melodic Death Metal scene (most clearly noticed through the backing vocals being delivered in a low growl). And while I must admit that I had never even heard of this particular band prior to receiving Oblivion Awaits, there is no doubt that this is due to my own oversight. Not only are they (apparently) somewhat active in my local community, this release also marks their third full-length album. And turning my attention back to the matter at hand, it is clear that these tive gentlemen are no strangers to their instruments: They know exactly what to play and when in just what specific order as to create a very melodic, catchy and overall pleasant feel. Make no mistake, while they do have a few strong ties to the Melodic Death Metal scene (according to the band’s Facebook page, they are fans of In Flames, which shines through on occassion) it is, at its core, still a Heavy Metal album, one that also leans strongly on their Hard Rock roots. And while none of this is a bad thing (I do like the album), I would have loved to see either a stronger, more powerful performance, or a more classically Heavy Metal/Hard Rock act from the five musicians in Malrun (probably due to my very square-shaped way of seeing the world). For me, Oblivion Awaits is one of those albums you can play at a party that no one will have a problem with, most will even like. But few will probably remember it being played, which is a damn shame since Malrun is, fundamentally, a good band. But somehow they just fall inbetween two camps for me, making it impossible for me to completely place them in one of these. That does make the band fairly unique (which I have no doubt will attract some fans), but for me it has the opposite effect. But that is partially irrelevant, since the only question I am trying to answer is this: Is Oblivion Awaits a good album, one worth buying? Yes, as the teaser trailer below easily demonstrates.


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