Coram Lethe – Heterodox - Metal Revolution
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19th February 2016
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22nd February 2016

Coram Lethe – Heterodox

Label: Buil2Kill Records / Release Date: 4th June 2012
  • 64%
    Coram Lethe - Heterodox - 64%

Despite not even being thirty yet, I every now and again come across an album that makes me feel very, very, (very) old. One such example is Heterodox, the fourth full-length release from Italian quartet Coram Lethe. First of all, it is a Technical Death Metal release (just like all other releases from the band), and a very technical one at that. The album is filled to the brink with breakdowns, various solos, both from guitars, keyboards and the like, and a vocal range that is almost all over the place. It is definitely impressive; Coram Lethe has managed to create a sound that is entirely their own in most aspects. Sadly, this particular sound is far from everything that I am usually into and, more importantly, that I can relate to in some manner. So, in actuality, Heterodox is something so new, fancy and modern that I cannot comprehend it (hence, my inability to relate to the album). That being said, I played through the album almost two dozen times in order to give it a fair review, and despite my personal misgivings about both the genre and the bands take on same, I cannot deny that the twenty-some years worth of experience that the band has accumulated has given the band a clear idea about what they want their music to sound like, as well as the technical know-how and experience to allow it. Definitely for fans of Gojira and similar, more modern Death Metal acts. And since I am having great trouble relating to the band and the album overall, I will instead recommend the first track on the album, entitled ”Hypnomagik”.

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