Diesear – Ashes of the Dawn - Metal Revolution
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10th February 2016
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11th February 2016

Diesear – Ashes of the Dawn

Label: Metal Scrap / Release Date: 2015
  • 87%
    Diesear – Ashes of the Dawn - 87%

Taiwan-based quartet Diesar have recently signed a deal with Metal Scrap Records (last year to be more exact). This coincides perfectly with the release of their second full-length album, entitled Ashes of the Dawn. And while Melodic Death Metal might not be as popular as it was ten years ago, Diesar definitely does a great job at proving that the genre is far from dead. Sure, they might be a bit less melodic than many of their European (and, in particular, Scandinavian counterparts), yet this more aggressive approach (I would not go as far as calling it more brutal; They are still closer to Kataklysm than Entombed, for instance) suits Diesar well, and they manage to carry it well. As a matter of fact, Ashed of the Dawn contains ten powerful and relentless tracks (if you count the outro; which, for some peculiar reason, shows up immediately prior to the bonus track), each of which is worth a mention in and of its own. Sadly, that would take up a lot of space and do very little in order to illustrate my point, other than showcase how deeply this album has impressed me. Instead, I have opted to put in a link which allows you to listen to the album in its entirety below. I am well aware that I have not done as great a job as I probably could to describe this album, which is due to the fact that the entire album flows together, starting from ”Faith in Ares” all the way to ”Blazing Wings” into one, whole masterpiece (which is made more impressive since this is not a concept album). Sure, the fact that there is a bonus track after the outro is a bit off-putting, but that does not diminish the greatness of ”Falling Ashes” (as the bonus track is called).


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