Persona – Elusive Reflections – Metal Revolution
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19th January 2016
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2nd February 2016

Persona – Elusive Reflections

Label: Self-released / Release Date: 12th February 2016
  • 76%
    Persona – Elusive Reflections - 76%

Persona is something as rare (in my world, at least) as a Tunisian-based Power Metal-like act. I say Power Metal-like, since the band more or less sounds like a more melodic (and female-fronted) version of Swedish Deathstars. All of the industrial and almost gothic aspects that made the Swedes famous have been reproduced, although in their own unique way, and spiced up with just a hint of Nightwish-like Power Metal (hence my previous statement). The end result created by this quintet is a catchy, easy-listenable and very melodious album containing a grand total of ten tracks, spanning forty-six minutes. And while I suppose you could argue that, on the surface, there is very little to discern Persona from similar acts, they still have something sightly undefinable that makes them somewhat memorable. While I am certain that it is not only the vocals, it is, however, the one thing that I noticed the most: A peculiar, yet drawing mixture of monotonous tones, with a hint of melancholy. And thinking back, this was also a trait that I found attractive on Phobos Corps. newest EP, even though I did not realize it at the time. As far as I have been able to gather, Elusive Refletions is a self-released album, although I must admit that the sheer professionalism and time thrown into mixing the tracks, the art in the booklet and the overall feel of the release seems to belie it. However it is released is irrelevant to my point however, which is merely this: As first releases go, Elusive Reflections is a pretty decent one. Not a genre I often delve into, but I definitely do not regret the experience. If you are up for it, give their first single ”Blinded” a chance. You will find it below.

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