Kruger – Adam and Steve – Metal Revolution
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15th January 2016
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26th January 2016

Kruger – Adam and Steve

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 13th October 2014
  • 63%
    Kruger - Adam and Steve - 63%

Adam and Steve is, most likely at least, the last album to be released by this Switzerland-based band, since its members went their separate ways last year. And while it is almost always sad to see or experience a band for the last time, it is important to remember that their music will always be available on CD’s and Vinyl. In Krugers case, that encompasses a grand total of five full-length releases which have all been created and released within the last fifteen years. Much like its predecessors, Adam and Steve is laced with one of the modern takes on the genres, in this case by mixing Heavy Metal or Hard Rock with Death Metal, in order to create something I understand the band calls Death ‘n’ Roll. What exactly that means I am unsure of, but to me, Kruger sounds like a Heavy Metal band with heavily distorted instruments and a growling vocal track (so far, so good). Sure, it is a bit different from what I am accustomed to, but that does not prevent me from accepting the obvious talent and, to some extent, drive (I added ‘to some extent’ since this, sadly, is their last release). The Swiss quintet has scribbled together eight pretty decent tracks of varying length, ending up in a running total of exactly forty-seven minutes and thirty second. Not a bad length. On top of that, they start off straight off the bat and just keeps the momentum going, which makes it an excellent musical choice if you need some background music at a party or some such. On top of that, the band seems to be aware that their album might be played at parties: It starts with the track ”Bottoms Up” and ends with ”Farewell”, some small details that tickled my funny bone. But I digress. Overall a pretty good release, the peculiar genre not withstanding.

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