Geminy – The Prophecy
10th June 2016
Serpent Warning – Serpent Warning
13th June 2016

Perseus – A Tale Whispered in the Night

Label: Nadir / Release Date: 1st April 2016
  • 68%
    Perseus – A Tale Whispered in the Night - 68%

A couple of months ago the Italian quintet Perseus released their second full-length album (which is also their fourth overall release, counting their two Demos). They have done what they could to keep close to their original sound and genre (one that I find fits the Italians exceptionally well: Power Metal), and have even upped the ante considerably by making A Tale Whispered in the Night into a concept album revolving around the story of an unnamed protagonist finding and reading a diary, which somehow draws him in, making him (or her) an integral part of a tale of legendary proportions. This tale is told across nineteen tracks (eight of which are short interludes as well as an intro and outro that serve to further the plot rather than being actual songs), averaging up to a somewhat impressive fifty-five minutes in total running time. And while I do not want to give away the story told, I can reveal that the fast-paced, rhythmic and, at times, epic feel that Perseus creates (the way only the Italians can) backs it up beautifully. In and of itself, A Tale Whispered in the Night is a great story to listen to, as well as a very good Power Metal release. I do get the impression however, that it would truly shine if either played live (in order and in its entirety) or as a backdrop to a roleplaying game. Due to the storyline present on A Tale Whispered in the Night I would strongly recommend listening to the entire album in order; However, since a part of my job is to show off teasers to any potentially interested readers out there, I will not link to the intro, but instead to ”Magic Mirror”; Both due to the fact that it is a great track, but also in large part due to the feel created by the music video (and who does not have a penchant for music videos these days?)

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