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9th June 2016
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Geminy – The Prophecy

Label: Nadir / Release Date: 3rd December 2012
  • 56%
    Geminy – The Prophecy - 56%

The first full-length from German Progressive Metallers Geminy is an impressively long (fifty nine minutes and almost thirty seconds) album, where this timetable is divided across fifteen tracks, one of which is an intro and another an interlude. Overall there seems to be a loose connection between the tracks lyrically, although it does seem that the overall point in The Prophecy is, as is often the case within the Progressive Metal genre, to show off the sheer talent that the band members are in possession of. In the case of Geminy it is the lead guitarist (no surprise there) as well as the vocalist in particular that I noticed. Not in the sence that they drown out the rest of the band; More that the bands music seem to be centered around these two, with the rest of the band performing to enhance and strengthen their performance. This works exceedingly well, especially on tracks such as ”Trinity Necklace” which can be found below, although it is also quite effective on the rest of the album.This is not to be misunderstood: The rest of the band are far from expendable in Geminy. As a matter of fact, they seem to have a great synergy within the band, something that is a bit impressive in and of itself, considering that Geminy consists of six members. Overall, The Prophecy delivered exactly what I expected from a Progressive Metal band, which is definitely a good thing. It is never disappointing when a band lives up to ones expectations. But back to the matter at hand: Is Geminy’s newest release one that I will end up playing again in the near future? Probably not. However, that is solely due to my lack of interest in the genre. Musically they are very talented, and if you are into this sort of thing, I would recommend The Prophecy in a heartbeat.

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