Ordem Satânica – Ventos De Ódio – Metal Revolution
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23rd March 2016
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30th March 2016

Ordem Satânica – Ventos De Ódio

Label: Altare Productions / Release Date: 5th March 2016
  • 93%
    Ordem Satânica – Ventos De Ódio - 93%

Probably one of the most anonymous bands that I have come across in a while (which, I suppose, should not surprise me given the nature and overall feel of them as a whole), it was not easy to dig up much information about Ordem Satânica (other than what the record label themselves graciously delivered). What I did learn was that the trio originates from Portugal, and that Ventos De Ódio is their fifth official release, and the third Demo (no full-length releases as of yet). And, if this Demo is any kind of marker for their previous releases (which I am told it is), Ordem Satânica is no less than a modern Second Wave Black Metal band, one that has gone through great pains in order to remain a part of the underground scene; They have even managed to keep the rough, unfiltered sound that made early pioneers within the genre (such as Mayhem and Burzum) famous. They have done such a good job at this, that i, at first, had a bit of trouble believing that the earliest released music from this band is only two years old. Like with all Demos, Ventos De Ódio is far too short (containing a mere four tracks and adding up to roughly thirty-five minutes), yet they have managed to put together four impressively clean (in a manner of speaking) Black Metal tracks, almost plucked from the days of yore (I love that word – Yore): It is powerful, not overly simple, heavily distorted and full of clear, strong drums. All of this coupled with a deep, menacing growl – What is there not to like?

Now, normally I would link both to the bands official page as well as a youtube link in order to allow you to listen to the band, but I have been unable to procure either, so all I can do is suggest that you go out and buy it (if you are into the genre, that is), or try searching the web for it yourselves (i would not be surprised if your Google abilities is stronger than my own).

Happy hunting.

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