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10th August 2010
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17th September 2010

Oceansize – Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up

Label: Superball Music / Release date: 6th September 2010
  • 85%
    Oceansize - Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up - 85%

Fourth album from Manchester’s alternative prog rockers sees the band playing some of the heaviest music of their carrier.
The album opener “Part Cardiac” is heavy, fat, almost Sabbath like monster, with some surprisingly rough vocals. ”SuperImposer” picks up the speed and displays some seriously energetic riffs accompanied by more typical Mike Vennart singing. “Build Us A Rocket Then…” is the heaviest song the band has ever recorded – a true riff orgy with rhythm section worthy of finest The Mars Volta moments. Interaction between the guitars, rhythm section and melodies is uncanny and this is easily one of the bands best songs, certainly the finest cut on the new album.

Produced by the band and mixed by Chris Sheldon (Pixies, Therapy?, Foo Fighters, Anthrax etc.) the album has perfect balance and warmth to it, without ever compromising the rawness of a rehearsal room.
The heavier approach fits the band extremely well, but the more experimental, mellow stuff known from Frames, has plenty of room on Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up as well.
After the attack in form of first three tracks, the things slow down some with “Oscar Acceptance Speech” which demonstrates the flawless emotional and musical build-up in best Frames style.

This song marks the first longer cut of the album, and unlike on the Frames this album only has two long songs. But there is no need to worry about the band trying to become more mainstream by trying to pull some of those radio friendly stuff like they did on Everyone Into Position.

Next three tracks follow in those Frames footsteps and while the performance is spot on, these tracks just don’t have the quality the rest of the album has.

“It’s My Tail And I’ll Chase It If I Want To” is another energy burst in style of “Build Us A Rocket Then…”. The albums closes with one of the highlight of the album – the dark and intense “SuperImposter”.

Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up is another great release from this heavily underrated band. Unfortunately the album does have some songs that simply don’t live up to their standards and therefore this album is not as brilliant as Frames.

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